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USB Encryption

  • USB Flash Drive Encryption

    USB Flash Drive Encryption

    • Strong encryption to protect any file type.
    • Our solution works on both Mac and PC computers!
    • Encrypted drives are write protected at the controller level.
    • Files cannot be deleted or formatted off the drive.
    • An exclusive for encryption technology.
    • Drives available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
    • Capacities start at 2GBs. Minimum order quantity: 20
    • Various body colors and styles available. Branding available.
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  • USB Encryption Video Tutorials - Two

    The first video shows how to copy protect data on a Copy Secure flash drive.

    The second video shows how to view copy protected data on a Copy Secure flash drive.

    Video 1 of 2

    Video 2 of 2

    Drive Styles

    Copy Secure which support USB encryption come in six different body styles and a wide range of body colors. The in stock media Nexcopy uses is the Oxford swivel style which has a black body and white clip. Free print is included with the purchase of Copy Secure media.




In Stock Media




Aluminum Case




Aluminum Case




Various colors




Various colors




Various colors

Encryption is different than copy protection. The terms are frequently interchanged with each-other which can lead to big mistakes on what technology is best for your needs. With encryption the User must enter a password to view the files. Once the password is entered the User may do anything they wish with the files; print, share, save, screen grab, etc. Copy protection is different from encryption. Copy protection allows the User to see the files without a password, yet the User cannot print, share, save, screen grab or stream the files. If copy protection is the better solution, please visit our USB Copy Protection page for more details.

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