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Affordable Full Color Printing to USB
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USB Flash Drive Printer by Nexcopy

Nexcopy introduces the LOGO-EZ USB Flash Drive Printer. An ideal solution for printing full color logos to flash drives. With an excellent price point and outstanding print quality, this printer is a must have for short-run USB printing and a perfect compliment to any Nexcopy USB duplicator.

LOGO-EZ Flash Drive Printer

<h2>Full Color Logos</h2>

Full Color Logos

Printing full color logos to flash drives couldn't be easier. It's fast. Using CMYK solvent inks you can print to just about anything. Print the same image to all devices or different images to each.

<h2>Instantly Dry</h2>

Instantly Dry

Solvent inks dry almost instantly and print quality is highly durable and water resistant. Create durable and indelible prints quickly and easily.

<h2>Small Footprint</h2>

Small Footprint

The printer body is only 13" X 20" with easy access to the USB trays and ink. LOGO-EZ looks great in the office and will fit on any desktop.

<h2>In-House Solution</h2>

In-House Solution

LOGO-EZ printer accommodates many different USB body styles. From the Credit Card style to the popular Swivel drive. This is an ideal solution for in-house printing of branded flash drives.

  • The Sales Pitch

    USB flash drives are an ideal medium for data distribution. With the data load being the most important aspect of the drive, we feel the labeling needs equal attention. In nearly every situation a logo or label is required to quickly and easily identify the drive. To that end, the LOGO-EZ Printer by Nexcopy is an ideal solution.

    The Flash Drive Printer gives any company or organization the ability to print on-demand and in full color.

    The printer is designed to accommodate a collection of flash drive body styles. These styles range from the Credit Card style to the most popular Swivel style.

    Some examples of how the printer can be used:

    • USB label changes frequently
    • You need to print from a full color image
    • One-off print samples are used to close bigger orders
    • The print image changes at the last minute
    • Local town / city does not have silk-screen print services
    • A company is developing Rush-Order or Same-Day services

    With all things considered, the Nexcopy Flash Drive Printer is an investment worth looking into. Send Nexcopy an email about the printer and request a sample. Once you see the beautifully branded, full color, waterproof print - we are confident you will fall in love.

  • Compatible Drive Styles

    The LOGO-EZ printer accommodates the seven most popular body styles. Understand a tightly fit USB tray is required to print crisp, clear images. We have given common names to these body styles, they are public designs and easy to find.

    • Oxford style (swivel)
    • Credit Card style
    • Newport style (rectangle)
    • Lexington style (rectangle)
    • Huntington style (rectangle)
    • Geneva style (short rectangle)
    • Augusta style (short rectangle)
    • Download the data sheet for media sizes
  • Consumables & Data Sheet

    LOGO-EZ Data Sheet
    Download Data Sheet

    LOGO-EZ USB Trays
    Printer accommodates seven most popular USB styles
    Data sheet includes tray styles and measurements
    Available Ink Kits
    200ml CMYK ink set
    500ml CMYK ink set
    1L CMYK ink set
    Other Materials
    LOGO-EZ is a flat bed printer. It is possible to print on other products & USB styles.
    A clear pre-coat is available for difficult material. However this is not required.
  • How to Order

    Click on the Buy Now button and we will respond with printer pricing and consumable pricing.
    Buy Now
<strong>Flash Drive Sizes</strong>

Flash Drive Sizes

Our Data Sheet Has:
Get the exact USB measurements of our trays.
<strong>Available Trays</strong>

Available Trays

Our Data Sheet Has:
Available USB Trays.
<strong>CMYK Ink Sets</strong>

CMYK Ink Sets

Our Data Sheet Has:
Available inks and sizes.

LOGO-EZ Printer

USB flash drive printer by Nexcopy

With the USB flash drive printer from Nexcopy, there is no need to ship product to a print shop or wait 7-10 business days for a contract factory to print logos. Print instantly and in full color. The Nexcopy LOGO-EZ™ USB flash drive printer is a cost-effective solution; therefore, get more done in less time!

The LOGO-EZ print software is extremely easy to use. Select JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP images and print. Easily re-size images to fit the printable area through our label design software. The label design software is Windows 7+ compatible. No need to deal with vector artwork, making screens or dealing with costly setup fees.

USB Flash Drive Printer

The USB flash drive printer uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Eco-solvent inks. The printer can also be set for black only print. This setting is ideal for sharp text or a solid black logo. The eco-solvent refill inks are available in a variety of sizes. The estimated cost for a full color print is around $0.07 per print. For black only print, the number drops to about $0.05 per print.

The LOGO-EZ printer can print on a variety of USB styles including the Swivel drive and the very popular Credit Card style USB. Other industry standard styles include the Oxford, Newport, Lexington, Huntington, Geneva and Augusta style drives.

Nexcopy offers pre-designed trays for the above body styles. The Oxford style (also known as the “swivel” drive) comes with the purchase of the printer. The other trays are available for purchase. Please download the data-sheet to see the detail of each tray. Custom trays are also available upon request.

The printer will work in both 110/220 power. Nexcopy ships globally with free technical support. Please contact Nexcopy for more details regarding printer setup, USB print trays, maintenance, warranty and shipping quotes.

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