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microSD Card Duplicator Systems by Nexcopy

Nexcopy manufactures a variety of microSD Card Duplicators, both PC based and Standalone Systems. The PC based systems use our exclusive and feature rich Drive Manager software with advanced functions. Standalone systems are ultra-fast, high speed copiers duplicating gigabytes of data quickly and accurately. Made in U.S.A.

Both platforms have their specific strengths and advantages.

16 Target PC System

Key Features:

•   Write Protect Cards
•   Read and Write CID Values

The mSD160PC supports six write functions.

•   IMG Copy
•   Device Copy (short)
•   Device Copy (full)
•   File Copy
•   Copy Add
•   Unique Data Streaming



PC Based microSD Card Duplicator

Based on USB 3.0 Technology
16 Target
PC Connect
Windows 10+

Advanced Functions for micro SD Cards

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15 Target Standalone System

Ultra-fast binary copiers. Copy boot code, system and files. Supports all formats including proprietary file systems. Built in sanitizer for single pass or D.o.D. erase functions. Benchmark speed testing feature to QC media.



Standalone microSD Duplicator

15 Target

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31 Target Standalone System

Nexcopy's largest microSD card duplicator. Ultra-fast binary copiers. Copy boot code, system and files. Supports all formats including proprietary file systems. Ideal for large production runs or quick-turn requirements. Benchmark speed testing feature to QC media.



Standalone microSD Duplicator

31 Target

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microSD Card Duplicator Overview

Nexcopy’s microSD Card Duplicator solutions are manufactured to be feature rich and durable for industrial and heavy use applications. Our extensive line of microSD Card Copiers include models for any type of application because we understand everyone has their own requirements for data loading. Nexcopy manufactures models ranging from 16 target to 60 target systems and support microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC and UHS. Our equipment offering includes both PC based systems and standalone systems where no PC is required.

microSD Card Duplicator

PC Based microSD Duplicator

The microSD200PC Duplicator is Nexcopy’s flagship product for Secure Digital cards. This microSD Card Duplicator has the ability to read the CID number from an microSD card and export it into a .csv file. From the .csv you are able to use that information anyway you see fit for your application. The PC based system offers unique data streaming to each card. This feature, combined with the CID reading tool, is a powerful tool for using the CID number as your key-code for content.

Nexcopy offers the PC based systems in 20 target, 40 target and 60 target configurations.

microSD Card Duplicator

Standalone microSD Duplicator

The standalone microSD Card Duplicator are ultra-fast microSD copiers designed for one thing – copy fast! The standalone systems copy from a physical master to all connected cards. The system can be set for synchronous or asynchronous duplication modes. With 32CRC verification we insure every copy is the same as the master; therefore you will get the most accurate copies available.

The standalone microSD Duplicators are binary copiers. They copy the boot code, all partition tables, file system, folders and files.

Nexcopy offers the standalone systems in 16 socket and 32 socket configurations.

<h2>Read CID Numbers</h2>

Read CID Numbers

Read CID number from Secure Digital Media. The Card I.D. number can be exported and used for custom applications, encryption, whatever you need!

<h2>Write Protect SD Cards</h2>

Write Protect SD Cards

Nexcopy's Drive Manager software will write protect SD cards at the controller level. This is the highest level of security one can have. Write protection is also knows as Read Only and Data Locking.

<h2>Make Bootable Devices</h2>

Make Bootable Devices

Make Bootable devices for any operating system, standard or proprietary. You can make them from either a physical master or an .img file.

<h2>Binary Copies</h2>

Binary Copies

All Nexcopy SD Card Duplicators can make binary copies. Our technology will copy boot strap code, partition table size, file allocation tables, system files and data.

<h2>Data Erase Feature</h2>

Data Erase Feature

Full Erase is the only secure way to wipe SD cards clean. With Nexcopy's Erase function restore software cannot find or restore any data previously on the drive. One cycle or Three cycle Erase settings.

<h2>Ultra-Fast Data Transfer</h2>

Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

Nexcopy standalone systems are ultra-fast SD copiers. These systems can reach speeds of nearly 1GB per minute to all targets.

<h2>... and Much More</h2>

... and Much More

There are more features than we can mention. From data extraction to unique data streaming. Contact Nexcopy to get help on selecting the right system.

Secure Digital

The Secure Digital form factor is the leading type for embedded applications. Applications such as deployment of firmware on hand-held devices, mobile phones, drones, GPS units and telecommunication devices. microSD cards are ideal for small form factor applications where space is a primary concern. Data loading to hundreds or thousands of microSD cards can be difficult and time consuming. However, with Nexcopy microSD copier equipment, we make data loading a simple process.

In addition, the cost of NAND memory continues to drop, thus making the medium more affordable than ever. With all of the applications where microSD media is required, the Nexcopy microSD Card Duplicators are a “must have” for corporations and government agencies.

Our #1 goal is getting you the right equipment for the job. Please contact us with questions.

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