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Lock License

  • USB Lock License

    USB Lock License

    • Write Protect USB Flash Drive
    • The default state of the drive is read-only or "write protected"
    • This is a hardware solution, done at the controller level and cannot be hacked or manipulated.
    • Removing the drive from the USB port puts the drive back to it's default state of being read-only.
    • Nexcopy's proprietary Lock License cannot be duplicated or copied. Each license is unique to the drive.
    • The Content Owner can turn Off the USB Write Protection at a specific moment to perform write functions.
    • Build a custom solution. A free command line application available for integration with your software.
    • Update drives remotely. Programmatically, unlock the drive, update the contents, re-lock the drive.
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI) also available for free.
    • Lock License drives available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
    • Capacities start at 2GBs. Minimum order quantity: 20
    • Various body colors and styles available. Branding available.
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    Drive Styles

    Lock License - Write protect USB flash drives come in six different body styles and a wide range of body colors. The in stock media Nexcopy uses is the Oxford swivel style which has a black body and white clip. Free print is included with the purchase of Copy Secure media.




In Stock Media




Aluminum Case




Aluminum Case




Various colors




Various colors




Various colors

Write protect USB flash drives with Lock License technology.

Lock License USB Flash Drives provide USB write protection to your digital files.

The files sit on a read only flash drive or WORM (Write Once, Read Many) flash drive where content cannot be deleted, formatted, erased, altered or manipulated. The Lock License drive is a write protected USB drive which has a default state of being read-only.

Any computer system can read from the drive.

A password is required upon first use to make the USB drive writable. Password access can be obtained through our free GUI software or through the free command line tool. Custom integration for Lock License drive is free of charge without license requirements.

This is a hardware solution and requires Nexcopy drives.

Lock License technology turns the USB market on it’s head because the default state of the drive is read only. Even when the password is correctly entered and the drive becomes writable, the moment the USB is disconnected from the host computer the drive reverts to a write protect state – because of this configuration it is impossible for a user to accidently leave the USB writable. Each Lock License drive can house a unique password which allows for ever company to have it’s own customized solution.

This creative approach yields a very secure solution for write protecting USB drives. The Lock License drive is the strongest first line defense against malicious software jumping onto the drive without the user knowing – it is impossible to infect a USB drive when it is read only.

Nexcopy manufactures premium quality USB flash drives. Our BOM (Bill Of Material) is consistent from month to month and year to year. Nexcopy’s exclusive PCB is a 4-layer design which optimizes reliability and performance (95% of other USBs are 2-layer boards). All flash drives are backed by fully compliant product certifications including: RoHS-3, WEEE, UL, CE, FCC, REACH, UKCA, Proposition65 and others.

The Lock License drive is one of four different types of Lock License Drives Nexcopy offers.

Our #1 goal is getting the right USB flash drive for your project at hand.

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