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USB Flash Drives by Nexcopy

When Quality Matters

Flash drive shapes are ubiquitous. The features are what set them apart. --Nexcopy Inc.

Nexcopy offers feature rich flash drives for business around the world. From USB Copy Protection to USB Encryption to USB Write Protection, Nexcopy has the solution for you.

USB Copy Protection

Protect intellectual property with Copy Secure flash drives.

Copy protection means files can only be viewed, nothing else.

Users cannot save, print, share, screen-grab or stream.



Copy Secure Flash Drives

Copy Protect files like:

MP4 Video
MP3 Audio
PDF, HTML and more...

Drive is Write Protected.

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USB Write Protection

Lock License drives are write protected by default.

Control when the USB drive becomes read/write. This can be done remotely and programmatically.



Lock License Flash Drives

Remove Write Protection on demand.

Using a GUI interface or command line tool, control when the USB becomes read/write.

Device automatically becomes read-only when disconnected.

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HIPAA USB Flash Drive

HIPAA compliant USB Flash drive.

Protect health records with this secure flash drive.

Medical records cannot be viewed without correct password



Protect Medial Records

Hardware solution.

User defined password activates hidden partition to view medical records.

Disconnecting drive automatically activates hidden partition. Safe. Secure.

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Disc License drives are blank
CD-ROM flash drives.

Write an ISO file directly to the flash drive.

Re-write an ISO file to the drive at any time.



Disc License Flash Drives

Easily create USB CD-ROM flash drives.

GUI software writes up-to three drives at a time.

The CD is read-only when connected to any host device.

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USB Encryption

Encrypt sensitive content to the drive.

Unauthorized users cannot view files unless correct password is entered.



Encrypted Flash Drives

Encryption includes write protection.

Ideal for sensitive data. The content is write protected so files cannot be updated, changed or manipulated. Files will play in either Mac or PC computers.

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USB Authentication

Authenticate a device before the program runs.

Said another way, use the device as a physical dongle in-order for an application to run.



Method of Verification

Excellent solution to protect exe files.

Build a custom authentication routine unique to your program. Ownership of source code is required in order to implement.

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Premium Quality

When reliability and consistency matter.

All flash drives are manufactured to our exact specification.

Nexcopy product is the same; month in and month out.



Custom Manufacturing Process

Exclusive four layer PCB.

Bill Of Material (BOM) is consistent on every product.

All certification and compliance documents available.

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USB to DVD Insert Card

Unique packaging design allows for one or two flash drives to be securely placed inside a DVD case.

This solution is inexpensive and works in conjunction with a single disc DVD case.



Unique Packaging Solution

The USB to DVD Insert works great with single disc cases.

Snapping the case closed provides the pressure to securely keep the USB thumb drives in place.

Visit the product page to watch a video showing how the USB to DVD Insert is used.

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USB Flash Drive Tag

Professional and durable flash drive tag with plenty of printable space to accommodate a high amount of information and instruction.

White PVC tag is the size of a credit card.



Professional Label Solution

Print single sided or double sided for any amount of information.

Ideal for bar codes or QR codes. Durable print for any environmental condition.

Use the LOGO-EZ printer for on-site tag printing and production.

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The Sales Pitch

Nexcopy develops USB flash drives with advanced features. Features are designed by our highly qualified software engineers and tailor solutions to fit the business needs of today’s corporations.

Copy Secure USB Flash Drives provide USB copy protection to your digital files. The files can be viewed by anyone, but files cannot be saved, copied, printed, shared or streamed. The Copy Secure drive is ideal for copy protecting PDF files, MP4 video files, MP3 audio files, and HTML webpage files. The USB copy protection solution by Nexcopy offers Digital Rights Management (DRM) for your intellectual property. This is both a hardware and software solution.

Lock License USB Flash Drives provide USB write protection to your digital files. The files sit on a WORM (Write Once, Read Many) flash drive where content cannot be deleted, formatted, erased, altered or manipulated. The Lock License drive is a write protected USB drive which has a default state of being read-only. Anyone can read from the drive; however, a password must be entered to make the USB drive writable. Password access can be obtained through our free GUI software or through the free command line tool. Custom integration for Lock License drive is free of charge without license requirements. This is a hardware solution.

Disc License USB Flash Drives are USB CD-ROM devices which hold your digital files. Pointing our software at a .ISO file will create USB CD-ROM flash drives so when connected to any host computer, the device will appear as a CD-ROM disc. The USB is write protected and read-only. Content cannot be deleted, formatted, erased, altered or manipulated on the drive. The Disc License drive will take advantage of Windows auto-run functionality. This is a hardware solution.

Encrypted USB Flash Drives provide a password for protection so files are safe from being viewed or used until the correct password is entered. Once the correct password is entered, the user may do anything they wish with the files. This is a subtle but valuable difference between “USB encryption” and “USB copy protection.” Encrypted USB flash drives are also write protected or read-only. The encrypted files can be opened on both Mac and Windows computers. This is a hardware solution.

USB Authentication provides a user with the ability to verify the physical device before an action is taken. Said another way, Nexcopy’s USB authentication is like a USB dongle. This solution requires programming by the content owner because authentication is the gateway to whatever action the content owner will allow. The algorithm used for authentication cannot be duplicated or copied from device to device. This is both a hardware and software solution.

Nexcopy sells only Premium Quality USB Flash Drives. Our BOM is consistent from month to month and year to year. Nexcopy’s exclusive PCB is a 4-layer design which optimizes reliability and performance (95% of other USBs are 2-layer boards). All flash drives are backed by fully compliant product certifications including: RoHS-3, WEEE, UL, CE, FCC, REACH, UKCA, Proposition65 and others (found here).

Our #1 goal is getting the right USB flash drive for your project at hand.

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