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USB Flash Drive Duplicator – USB160PRO

The Pro Serial USB Flash Drive Duplicator by Nexcopy is the ultimate solution for advanced functions to flash drives! The Pro Series is a technology developed entirely by Nexcopy to address complicated USB configurations and advanced functions not found on typical flash drives.

Advanced Functions to Flash Drives

At the core of the Pro Series is the Drive Manager software. The software is designed for simplicity and efficiency, yet all the while providing an easy and understandable way to configure flash drives with advanced functions such as USB write protection, CD-ROM emulation, or disk partitioning done at the hardware controller level. The Pro Series donsn’t stop here, including the ability to write USB serial numbers and descriptor values, such as the VID and PID for the device.

16 Target – PRO Series

  • USB160PRO


    USB160PRO Data Sheet
    Download for all product specifications and requirements.
    • Request an Offer$2,999
    • Five Copy Methods:
      File Copy, Device Copy, IMG Copy, Copy Add and Unique Data Streaming
    • Create USB read-only partitions
    • Create USB CD-ROM partitions
    • Write protect 1st partition, 2nd partition or both
    • USB write protection is done at the controller level
    • Set / Edit hard coded USB serial numbers
    • Sequential serial number control
    • Serial number control includes 10 character prefix option
    • Create USB specific .img files
    • Write protect bootable USB partitions
    • Set / Edit descriptor fields (VID, PID, SCSI)
    • Supports all formats: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2-3-4, HFS, Proprietary, Etc.
    • Password protect Job Setup area, ideal for IT Managers
    • Reset USB media to original read/write state
    • PRO series required for Copy Secure USB copy protection
    • PRO series supports certified USB controllers, contact for details
    • PRO series includes all other features and functions from USB160PC
  • Specifications


    • Download USB160PRO Data Sheet
    • Connectivity: USB 3.0
    • Number of targets: 16
    • USB ports required: 2
    • Compatibility: Backward compatible to USB 2.0
    • Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 130mm
    • Flash drive socket accommodation: Max (W x H) 42mm x 12mm
    • Weight: 6.8lbs / 3.08kg
    • Power: 110 / 230 (auto detect)
    • PC connected
    • Software: Nexcopy Drive Manager PRO Software, written in U.S.A.
    • Operating System: Windows 10+
    • Min PC requirements: 2GB RAM, 2.0Ghz processor or better
    • Windows 32/64 bit
    • Operating temperature: 40F - 165F
    • Operating humidity: 20% - 85%
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Certified: CE, FCC, RoHS
    • Software support: Unlimited with free updates
    • Technical support: From U.S.A. Pacific Time zone
    • Call +1 949 481 6478
USB Flash Drive Duplicator

16 Target 3.0 USB Flash Drive Duplicator

The USB160PRO, as a 16-target USB 3.0 PC-connected system offering a range of features where specific vendor commands are required for device setup and configuration. The PC-based unit supports six copy methods: File Copy, Copy Add, Device Copy-short, Device Copy-Full, Image file Copy, and Unique Data Streaming. These methods provide flexibility for any data duplication requirement, and allowing users to choose the most suitable approach for their specific requirements.

Device Configuration and Setup

The USB160PRO gives users the abilities only seen at the manufacturing level. With this USB Flash Drive Duplicator, users can set the USB write protection at their own facility. USB write protection is also known as “read-only” and when the device is set as read-only, this means data cannot be added to the device or formatted off the device. The write protection is done at the hardware controller level and cannot be hacked, manipulated or changed. The Pro Series also supports USB CD-ROM configuration which is another form of “read only,” and with this configuration the device appears as a hardware optical drive. As with the write protection, the CD-ROM configuration is done at the hardware level and cannot be hacked, changed or manipulated.

Embracing the USB Era

With optical drives nearly gone in laptops and most tower computers, the USB flash drive has emerged as the new standard for data distribution. This shift is advantageous, given the superior copy and read speeds of USB compared to optical drives. Additionally, USB proves to be more durable than optical media, making it a reliable choice for data storage and distribution. For those seeking the same characteristics as an optical disc (such as WORM [write once, read many]) the Pro duplicator is the right gear for the job.

Advanced Features for Professional Needs

Nexcopy goes above and beyond with our USB Flash Drive Duplicator with additional features such as writing out a specific serial number which is stored in Read Only Memory (ROM) or the ability to write a specific VID (Vendor ID) or PID (Product ID) which again, sits in read only memory. There is truly no task to hard for the USB160PRO. All copies made by the duplicator system are fully compliant with the USB-IF specification for full compatibility of USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and higher.

Supports USB Copy Protection

The USB160PRO supports production of Copy Secure flash drives which is the Nexcopy solution for USB Copy Protection. With a Copy Secure drive, content owners may copy protect PDF, MP4, MP3, html, txt files and more. Our definition of “copy protection” is the ability for anyone to see the file, but nothing can be done with the file such as save, print, stream, share, screen grab or delete. With the USB160PRO users can mass produce Copy Secure USB flash drives.

Connect with Nexcopy

For any inquiries or assistance, Nexcopy encourages users to reach out. The company provides a seamless communication channel through the Instant Chat feature located in the bottom right corner of their website, available during business hours. Nexcopy’s commitment to customer support ensures that users can make the most of their USB duplicators while having access to expert guidance.

The Nexcopy USB160PC is USB 3.0 Duplicator stands as a pioneering solution in the realm of USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicators. With a rich feature set, adaptability to evolving technological landscapes, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Nexcopy continues to be a leader in the field of data duplication technology.

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