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USB Duplicator Standalone – USB131SA

USB Flash Drive Duplicator by Nexcopy, the USB131SA is the largest of our standalone duplicator systems. Introduced in 2009, the standalone line has become a favorite among power users seeking unmatched speed and efficiency in data duplication. Engineered with a primary focus on speed, these standalone systems leverage customized Nexcopy firmware, ensuring optimal performance. Assembled and rigorously tested in the U.S.A., the USB131SA is a testament to Nexcopy’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

  • USB131SA


    USB131SA Data Sheet
    Download for all product specifications and requirements.
    • Request an Offer$3,399
    • Standalone USB flash drive duplicator, no PC required
    • 31 socket systems
    • Binary copier, supports bootable devices
    • Supports: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2-3-4, HFX, Proprietary, Etc
    • System write speeds up to 1,800MB/min
    • Asynchronous duplication for any size job
    • Copy, Copy & Verify, Compare, Erase, QC testing and more
    • Powerful 32-bit CRC data error checking
    • D.o.D. (Dept of Defense) Erase function
    • USB drive benchmark speed testing feature
    • Memory H2 integrity testing feature
    • USB capacity check function
    • Real time performance feedback via LCD
    • Auto-start once system is fully populated
    • Contemporary and ergonomic design
    • Ideal design for road-show, live events
    • Heavy duty case for 24/7 operation
    • 110v or 230v compatible
  • Specifications


    • Download USB115SA Data Sheet
    • Connectivity: None, no PC required
    • Number of targets: 31
    • Dimensions: 521mm x 184mm x 250mm
    • Weight: 11.3lbs / 5.2kg
    • Power: 110 / 230 (selectable)
    • Firmware: Nexcopy Firmware
    • Operating System: n/a
    • Operating temperature: 40F - 165F
    • Operating humidity: 20% - 85%
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Firmware support: Unlimited with free updates
    • Certified: CE, FCC, RoHS
    • Technical support: From U.S.A. Pacific Time zone
    • Call +1 949 481 6478
  • Product Video

USB Flash Drive Duplicator

Welcome The Largest USB Flash Drive Duplicator by Nexcopy

The USB131SA is Nexcopy’s largest standalone USB flash drive duplicator, boasting an impressive 31 target standalone system. This configuration is designed to meet the demands of high-volume data duplication with unparalleled speed and precision.

Unleashing the Power of Standalone Systems

Standalone systems do not require a host computer and operat with the click of a single button! These ultra-fast USB copiers are optimized to copy data at the maximum transfer rates permitted by the device connected. Leveraging asynchronous copy mode, these standalone duplicators efficiently handle any size master USB, ensuring optimal production efficiency. For instance, on a 350MB data load, the USB131SA completes the first USB by the time socket #31 is filled. There is no GB capacity limit, large or small, for these units to make binary copies from a physical master to all targets connected to the system.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The USB131SA comes equipped with advanced features that elevate its performance and usability. The USB media check feature guarantees the capacity of your device, providing valuable feedback as related to the write speed of the media connected. Not all USB flash drives are equal and the speed benchmark tests allows user to more easily define the quality of flash memory being used. The USB benchmark feature verifies the maximum read speed and write speed of the device, serving as a valuable tool for assessing the quality of USB memory.

The standalone USB flash drive duplicators also include a robust Erase function. This feature removes all data from the USB, including the partition table, leaving no remnants of previous data. The advanced Erase setting complies with the Department of Defense (D.o.D.) specification, ensuring data security by erasing the USB media three consecutive times before reporting completion.

Configurations Tailored to Your Needs

Recognizing the diverse requirements of users, Nexcopy offers the standalone systems in three configurations: 4 target (USB104SA), 15 target (USB115SA) and this large 31 target setup. This type of equipment flexibility allows businesses and individuals to choose a system that aligns with the scale of their operations and the magnitude of their data duplication needs.

Forget Optical – Embracing USB

With optical drives becoming increasingly rare in laptops and most tower PCs, the USB flash drive has emerged as the new standard for data distribution. This shift is advantageous, given the superior copy and read speeds of USB compared to optical drives. Moreover, USB proves to be more durable than optical media, making it a reliable choice for data storage and distribution in contemporary computing environments.

Professional-Grade Features for Enhanced Functionality

Nexcopy goes the extra mile by offering standalone USB copiers with advanced functions tailored for professional needs. These include USB write protection, USB CD-ROM partitions, dual partitions (2LUN), serial number control, and descriptor field settings. However, it’s important to note that these systems are PC-connected and require specific commands for drive configuration. It is not possible to write protection USB media with a standalone duplication system.

Connect with Nexcopy

For inquiries or assistance, Nexcopy encourages users to reach out. The company provides a seamless communication channel through the Instant Chat feature located in the bottom right corner of their website, available during business hours. Nexcopy’s commitment to customer support ensures that users can harness the full potential of their standalone USB flash drive duplicators while having access to expert guidance.

The Nexcopy USB131SA redefines the landscape of standalone USB flash drive duplicators. With a focus on speed, advanced features, and adaptability to the USB era, this standalone system is a testament to Nexcopy’s commitment to excellence in data duplication technology. Whether you are a power user or a business seeking efficient data duplication solutions, the USB131SA stands ready to meet your demands with unparalleled performance.

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Products listed on this page conform to the USB-IF guidelines and fully support USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 specifications. Product is made to meet CE and RoHS and other compliance standards such as CE, REACH and Prop 65.

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