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USB Digital Rights Management

Copy Secure technology exclusively from Nexcopy

USB DRM Solutions

USB Digital Rights ManagementThe increasing popularity of USB flash drives make them an attractive media for publishing digital content such as software and documents. Yet a standard USB drive might not be enough.  USB Copy protection and Digital Rights Management are “must have” for most content publishers. Nexcopy Publishers automate the process for producing large numbers of Copy Secure USB flash drives.

Copy Secure Publisher

End-Users: The USB200PRO works flawlessly with the Copy Secure flash drives for easy creation of USB copy protected devices with USB Read Only partitions or second read / write USB partitions. Once more, the Nexcopy Publishers include a production quality USB duplicator plus software for data loading to all USB Copy Secure devices or any other USB flash memory drives. Publishers & Resellers: The Copy Secure Publisher is required for loading Copy Secure licenses to Nexcopy certified USB media.  This system is required for a Reseller or Publisher to load licenses at their facility.    The USB200PRO works seamlessly with the Copy Secure drives for creating either a drive with a license or for duplication of content onto a Copy Secure drive. For more information about using the USB200PRO as a large scale production unit for USB Copy Protection, or you want to learn more about Nexcopy’s dealer program please contact Nexcopy for more details. Please visit the USB200PRO USB duplicator product page for more information about the equipment.

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