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Copy Protection by Nexcopy

Nexcopy develops several types of copy protection solutions. Our #1 goal is creating a secure solution to protect Content Owner information. The #2 goal is providing that solution in a stand-alone, off line, environment.

Nexcopy Offers:

USB Copy Secure Drives:
A secure solution for protecting content on flash drives.

Project Viewer:
A secure platform for Apple mobile products.

Copy Protection by Nexcopy

  • The Sales Pitch

    If you have Intellectual Property worth protecting from illegal copying, duplication or redistribution, then please read on…

    Nexcopy offers Copy Secure flash drives. This is the technology our copy protection is based upon. The Copy Secure flash drive is both a hardware and software copy protection and encryption solution. These drives are high performance devices which provide the optimal level of read / write speeds to optimize the functionality of the copy protection software loaded on the drive.

    The Copy Secure drive has Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect your intellectual property. Our definition of copy protection is the ability for someone to see the files, yet cannot save, print or share those files. Our DRM security include features such as print restriction, copy and paste restriction, in-ability for Windows and Mac print screens, time expiration of files, in ability to save a file and much more.

    There is a big difference between encryption and copy protection (learn more here) for your data. Nexcopy is the only company which offers true USB Copy Protection not password protected encryption which is what nearly every other company is offering.

    The Nexcopy USB copy protection solution works in both Mac and Windows computers. Our USB copy protection solution is the only solution which works in both operating systems. This makes our product ideal for any situation or requirement one may have for protecting their valuable information.

    The Copy Secure flash drive is a stand-alone solution that does not require an internet connection or authentication from some off-site server. Everything runs 100% from the flash drive itself. There is no software to install to see the files, no Administrator rights required, just plug in the drive and access the content.

    Schools, corporations, government agencies, graphic designers, artists, movie producers and production agencies all have used and depend upon Nexcopy’s Copy Secure flash drives.

  • How it Works

    Copy Secure is a hardware and software USB copy protection solution.

    • Purchase the USB media from Nexcopy which has the Copy Secure license on the drive
    • Using the Nexcopy wizard utility or Nexcopy duplicator system, data load the Copy Secure drive. Our software will encrypt, copy protect and lock your content to the drive.
    • Once done, send the USB to your client. The client will connect the drive and view the copy protected content directly from the flash drive.

    Software installation not required. Admin rights not required.

  • Video Overview

  • Supported File Types

    Supported File Types

    PDF, XML, TXT and CSS
    Web Pages
    HTM, HTML and HTML5
    Image and Animation
    SWF, JPG, GIF and PNG
    Audio Files
    MP3 and WAV
    Video Files
    MP4 (H.264 Streaming, 1080p / 30fps)

    Nexcopy is continually updating supported file types. Contact us for special projects or to double check a supported format.

  • GB Sizes & Data Sheet

    Nexcopy offers the Copy Secure drives in the following capacities:

    Minimum order quantity: 20
    Download Data Sheet

    USB 2.0
    Smallest size is 2GB
    2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
    USB 3.0
    Smallest size is 8GB
    8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

    Typically it's best to transition into 3.0 media when copy protecting large video files because the speed performance of the drive is better than 2.0 devices.

  • How to Order

    Click on the Buy Now button to request the GB size and quantity you need. We will respond the same day or following business day.
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<h2>Cannot Copy Files</h2>

Cannot Copy Files

Working files cannot be copied off the drive. The content can be viewed, but it cannot be copied or shared.

<h2>Cannot Delete</h2>

Cannot Delete

Data and files cannot be deleted off the drive or formatted off the drive. All content is locked at the controller level.

<h2>Cannot Print</h2>

Cannot Print

Files cannot be printed. Restrict printing of PDF files, html files, text files and more. It is also possible to copy protect a file, yet have it printable.

<h2>Cannot Copy & Paste</h2>

Cannot Copy & Paste

Users cannot select content from from one document and copy-n-paste it to another. Ideal for blocking a "select all" copy and paste from with in a PDF.

<h2>Block Screen Grabs</h2>

Block Screen Grabs

Copy Secure technology blocks screen grabs on Mac computers and print screens on Windows computers.

<h2>Time Expiration</h2>

Time Expiration

Expire files at a specific date and time. Ideal for subscription based applications or school courses.

<h2>Standalone Solution</h2>

Standalone Solution

Copy Secure technology is a standalone solution. Everything runs directly off the flash drive. No internet connection is required.

<h2>Mac and PC Compatible</h2>

Mac and PC Compatible

Our technology is the only solution which works on both Mac and Windows computers. Minimum operating systems do apply.

<h2>No Installation Required</h2>

No Installation Required

There is no software which installs on the host computer. Protected content runs 100% from the flash drive.

<h2>Admin Rights Not Required</h2>

Admin Rights Not Required

Administrator rights are not required because nothing is installed on the host computer. Ideal solution for large corporations and government agencies.

<h2>License Doesn't Expire</h2>

License Doesn't Expire

There is no yearly license fee. The Copy Secure license comes with the purchase of the flash drive and does not expire. Ever!

<h2>Re-Use the Media</h2>

Re-Use the Media

Content Owners may unlock and reset the Copy Secure flash drives. Flexible solution for changing content or idle inventory.

<h2>Optional Password Protection</h2>

Optional Password Protection

Nexcopy provides the option of assigning a password to the device adding an additional layer of security.

<h2>Short Run, Large Run Production Options</h2>

Short Run, Large Run Production Options

Nexcopy offers free data loading software for smaller jobs. The USB200PRO flash duplicator is available for larger production runs.

Nexcopy is the leading provider of USB Copy Protection and Mobile Copy Protection for content owners around the globe. Our definition of Copy Protection is the ability for one to view a file, but that file cannot be saved, printed or shared. This is a subtle, yet big difference between encryption. Don’t get miss-lead with other companies who only offer encryption, but have miss labeled it as copy protection.

Protect PDF files, protect html files, protect video’s, MP3s and much more

For more information please contact Nexcopy.

Nexcopy Inc. | 13 Orchard Road Ste 102 | Lake Forest | CA | 92630 | P: +1 949 481 6479