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Standalone SD Duplicator Systems

Standalone SD Duplicators manufactured by Nexcopy
Nexcopy’s line of standalone SD Duplicators (Secure Digital Duplicators) are manufactured to be feature rich and durable for industrial and heavy use applications. Our line of standalone systems are particularly robust in error correction and error handling of Secure Digital devices during the duplication process making our standalone SD duplicators more reliable and consistent then any other system in the market.
Standalone SD duplicator

Standalone SD Duplicator Systems

Nexcopy introduces our family of standalone SD duplicators. The Nexcopy standalone systems are performance driven. With ultra fast copy speeds which surpass USB 3.0 technology, the Nexcopy systems are cost-effective solutions which allow you to get more done in less time. These systems are ideal for making binary copies of any master SD device including bootable devices, proprietary formats or any other file system.  

SD Duplicator

SD Duplicator – Standalone – 115SA

  • Standalone SD Duplicator – No PC Needed
  • 1 Master – 15 Target Configuration
  • Maximum of 2GBs per minute. Faster Than USB 3.0!
  • Continuous Asynchronous Duplication – Insert and Go!
  • One Button Operation
  • Quick Functions: Copy, Copy & Compare, Format

SD Duplicator, Standalone

SD Duplicator – Standalone – 131SA

  • Standalone SD Duplicator – No PC Needed
  • 1 Master – 31 Target Configuration
  • Faster Than USB 3.0! Max of 2GBs per minute.
  • Toggle On/Off Asynchronous Duplication Feature
  • Short Copy or Full Copy Options
  • Counter for Total Good and Total Bad

The Nexcopy Standalone SD Duplicator systems are very fast binary copier duplicators which maintain copy speeds in excess of 1800MBs per minute*. If your requirement is fast copy jobs then the SD115SA or SD131SA are the duplicators for you. If you are not sure on which system is best for your needs, please contact Nexcopy for more details, consultation and guidance.

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