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Established in 2004, Nexcopy Inc. is an industry leader in USB duplicator and other flash memory management solutions.  Using proprietary software and systems Nexcopy manufactures both PC based and standalone flash memory duplicators.  The original USB duplicator went through 20,000 drives of data loading and testing before the first production unit was introduced.  In addition, Nexcopy offers USB copy protection and digital rights management on flash memory.

Nexcopy was founded by Greg Morris.  Nexcopy is a California corporation and is based in Southern California.  As with any great entrepreneurially story, Nexcopy was started in the house garage.  In under 1 year the company moved to it’s first 1,500 sq foot office space.  Since then, Nexcopy has moved two additional times into larger facilities and now occupies a two story office building with over 3,000 sq foot of warehouse space.

Nexcopy Incorporated
13 Orchard Road Suite 102
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Via phone: + 949 481 6478
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Solid state memory is the next distribution medium for digital content and Nexcopy believes in creating efficient and dependable products to aid in content loading via USB duplication and distribution.  Through innovative design and creativity, Nexcopy is a market leader in flash memory data loading equipment.

Greg Morris – President

Interview With Entrepreneur & Nexcopy’s Founder, Greg Morris Jan 2019

Interview With Greg Morris July 2019

Pivoting from 11 years experience in the CD/DVD manufacturing industry, Greg Morris founded Nexcopy Incorporated in 2004.  Graduate from Cal State University Fullerton and immediately went into technology after graduation.  During Mr. Morris’ tenure in the optical media industry, he gained valuable insight into channel sales and distribution, channel marketing and sales management which he applies in today’s corporate strategy for Nexcopy Inc.

Melissa Coleman – Finance Officer

Melissa is a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years experience in the accounting industry. A graduate of Cal State University Fullerton, she oversees the finances of Nexcopy Incorporated and the daily operations of the company.  Melissa joined Nexcopy team in 2004.

Stan McCrosky – National Sales Manager

Stan McCrosky serves as Nexcopy’s National Sales Manager, where he leads a team through both pre-sales and post-sales activities. Mr. McCrosky has over twenty years’ of sales experience with an exemplary track record for increasing sales revenue through company partnerships and cultivating customer relationships.

Jesus Velazquez – Production Manager

Jesus joined Nexcopy in 2010 as a production supervisor for Nexcopy. Jesus now oversees all manufacturing and quality control for Nexcopy and manages the shipping and receiving department. Jesus has developed and implemented mission critical quality control procedures to insure all Nexcopy equipment is built to an exact specification for the highest level of quality.

Greg Bracy – Electrical Design Engineer

A graduate of Cal State University-Northridge, Greg has over 20 years experience with design and development of electrical parts, components and solutions. Greg oversees electrical designs used in Nexcopy solutions for all systems including PC based, standalone and USB devices and products.

Jason Firanski – Software Engineer

Jason overseas all embedded application engineering for Nexcopy. Jason’s talents range from electrical engineering design, to verilog programming to run complete operating systems from FPGA and other embedded processors. With over 20 years of programming experience Jason has accomplished great things for Nexcopy.

Keith Nagal – Software Engineer

Dave manages the Nexcopy software programming for all PC based duplicator solutions. With over 22 years programming experience, he has extensive knowledge in Universal Serial Bus and deep understanding of Windows .NET API and C# programming language. David leads the way for Nexcopy’s cutting edge flash memory copy protection and digital rights management technology for the Windows side.

Diederik Hoogenboom – Software Engineer

Diederik manages the Nexcopy software programming for all Mac based digital rights management technologies. With over 15 years programming experience, he has extensive knowledge with building portable applications for both mobile devices and Mac OS applications.

Nexcopy Inc. | 13 Orchard Road Ste 102 | Lake Forest | CA | 92630 | P: +1 949 481 6479