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USB to DVD Insert

“This is a brilliant solution – should have come out years ago!”

This is the least expensive, yet most secure way to hold a USB flash drive in a DVD case.

The USB to DVD Insert is a thick 0.65mm clear plastic which is the same diameter as a DVD. However, the clear plastic has two rectangles which are inverted to hold just about any sized USB flash drive. This solution will fit two USB flash drives into a single DVD case.

  • Two rectangles on insert card
  • Fits any flash drive sized 3″ long by 3/4″ wide and a depth of 3/8″
  • Metric: 76mm long, 21mm wide and 9.5mm deep
hold USB flash drive in DVD case

The clear plastic has a hole in the center the same size as a DVD disc and will snap into the “holder” of the DVD case. Using any DVD case on the market you can easily hold a USB flash drive inside a DVD case. The video shows how secure the USB flash drive is when inside the DVD case. The flash drive will not fall out during shipping or transit.

DVD cases are not sold by Nexcopy and it is intended you (the user) already have stock or inventory of DVD cases.

Video – How it Works

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