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USB Drives

The following list of drives are compatible with the USB200PRO USB Duplicator.

Drives support the following functions:
  • Create USB partitions
  • Create CD-ROM partitions
  • Write Protect first partition, second partition or both
  • Make USB Read Only so data cannot be deleted
  • Control hard coded serial numbers on USB drive
  • Control serial number on USB device [great for audit / production]
  • Serial number control includes optional 10 character prefix control
  • Sequential serial number control
  • Write Protect bootable partitions
Available drive styles:


USB partition drive, Oxford black USB partition drive, Oxford blue USB partition drive, Oxford blue purple USB partition drive, Oxford red USB partition drive, Oxford silver USB partition drive, Oxford white USB partition drive, Oxford yellow


[the body color can match an exact PMS color – minimum order quantity is 300]: USB partition drive, Orlando red


USB CDROM, Newport black USB CDROM, Newport blue USB CDROM, Newport green USB CDROM, Newport red USB CDROM, Newport silver USB CDROM, Newport white


USB write protect, Lexington black USB write protect, Lexington blue USB write protect, Lexington red USB write protect, Lexington silver USB write protect, Lexington white


USB Read Only, Huntington black USB Read Only, Huntington blue USB Read Only, Huntington grey USB Read Only, Huntington red USB Read Only, Huntington silver


USB serial number, Geneva black USB serial number, Geneva blue USB serial number, Geneva grey USB serial number, Geneva silver


USB drive, Augusta black USB drive, Augusta army USB drive, Augusta blue USB drive, Augusta white *Drive styles can change with little notice.  However, if you need sustainable products for years, Nexcopy can secure drive styles with a MOQ.  Please contact Nexcopy for more details.

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