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General Questions

What Is USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection is the encryption and locking of a USB device for the purpose of data security and safer data distribution. A USB drive that is Copy Protected cannot have data removed from it through conventional means like copying and pasting into a different spot, or printing the data. Furthermore, Copy Protected drives do not let end users take screen captures of their content, delete the content, or make any file changes through the registry or command inputs. Drives are loaded and encrypted using Nexcopy's CopySecure Wizard.

What is the CopySecure Wizard?

The Copy Secure Wizard is the data loading software a content owner can use to bring USB Copy Protection technology to their drives. The Wizard will encrypt the files, data load the drive, and lock the USB to become a read-only device.

What is the PCViewer?

The PCViewer is the Windows based viewer application to open and view copy protected files on a USB. In order for encrypted drives to be usable immediately and without additional downloads, the PCViewer runs from the drive with USB Copy Protection enabled.

What is the Macviewer?

The MacViewer is the Mac based viewer application to open and view copy protected files on the USB. Since USB Copy Protection is used on both PC and Mac computers, the software is located on and accessed from the flash drive just like the PCViewer.

Can the Copy Secure Wizard run on a Mac computer?

While a device with USB Copy Protection enabled can be used on a Mac, the Copy Secure Wizard application uses commands which only run in Windows. Therefore the Copy Secure Wizard will not run on a Mac computer.

What type of files will the CopySecure drive protect

Movies, music, PDFs, and even websites can be Copy Protected with the Nexcopy solution. There is a large list of file types we support. Most popular are PDF, MP3, MP4 and HTML. For a full list of file types, please download our data sheet here. Additionally, we're always looking to polish our software as time goes on. If you have a file type not mentioned in the data sheet, we would appreciate your feedback! Contact Us and we'll see if we can put it on our list of development goals.

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