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Copy Secure Support

Welcome to the Copy Secure support page.

The USB Copy Protection solution by Nexcopy is comprised of three software applications.

  1. The Copy Secure Wizard – The program used to copy protect files and data load flash drives.
  2. The PCViewer.exe – The application which allows copy protected files to be viewed on Windows computers.
  3. The – The application which allows copy protected files to be viewed on Mac computers.

If you have found yourself on this page, chances are you have questions about the Copy Secure Wizard and how to protect your files. Please read below for a list of Frequently Ask Questions, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact Nexcopy support.

Wizard – Frequently Asked Questions


Software fails or errors off when trying to protect PDF files

Check the characters used in the file name. There should be no symbols in the file name and it is possible if a different language is being used, there are symbols which we do not recognize and thus fail during encryption

I cannot protect PDF files with a watermark

Documents with a watermark are a form of encryption. Unfortunately you cannot encrypt encrypted files and therefore we cannot protect a document with a watermark. However, there is a work around. With Adobe and other products you should have the option to use an image “stamp.” Change your method from watermark to stamp and your PDF should now be protected.

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