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Update Copy Secure Drives Remotely

Nexcopy offers USB copy protection to a large number of file types. One of the advantages with the Copy Secure drives from Nexcopy is the fact our solution provides hardware based write protection. This means protected files have an additional layer of security, which is files not being deleted or formatted off the drive.

However, with write protected (read-only) flash drives there is a side affect of not being able to update the drive.

With Copy Secure flash drives there is an on-board and standalone app to access the protected content. For Windows the PCViewer is used and for Apple computers the MacViewer is used to access files. One challenge with copy protection is predicting the future of how an operating system will work. If there is a change in how an operating system works, it could affect how the viewer applications access the protected content.

One example of this is how Apple released the Venture operating system which affected how the MacViewer access the files. More about that here.

In the past, if a change affected our viewer application it was required a new device be made. However, Nexcopy recently created a method to remotely update the viewer applications on the device. This method paves the way for end-users to update their drive if there is an issue accessing the protected content due to a software or operating system change.

Below are the details for how and end-user would update their Copy Secure flash drive:

# Install the Drive Wizard software on a Windows computer
# Launch the software and in the bottom left, click Options
# Select Update Copy Secure
# Click the Upgrade button to begin the process
# The software will perform the update automatically. Do not disconnect the drive until the program gives confirmation the process was complete.

Step One:

Copy Secure, Options

Step Two:

Copy Secure, Update device

Step Three:

Copy Secure update successful

Please keep in mind this post is talking about the update to the viewer applications used to access the copy protected content. It is not possible to add or remove copy protected files from the flash drive. Those files are still secure and unable to be changed, modified or deleted off the drive.

For other frequently asked questions about Copy Secure flash drives, please visit the Nexcopy Copy Secure FAQ page.

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