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The History of Portable Storage (Infographic)

The first removable storage wasn’t a hard drive, disc, or even paper tape – it was a punch card. Yet the punch card jump-started the field of portable storage, which would eventually enable the mass-production of computer technology, and the sharing of information on a world wide scale. Come step back in time, starting in the early 1920s and visit the history of where portable storage began and where it has gone. History of Portabel Storage, Infographic


History of Portabel Storage, Infographic
Portable storage continues to evolve and only the future knows what is in store. Could storage needs be solved by futuristic static cards? Or data stored in protein cells? It has all be talked about with hypothesis, what is your theory on the future of portable storage? The History of Portable Storage Infograph is offered by Nexcopy, a leading provider in mass storage data loading solutions.

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