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Summation Technology Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status


Press Release: Summation Technology Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

Lake Forest, CA – January 30, 2018 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, USB printers and USB copy protection, announces Summation Technology as a new authorized reseller for Nexcopy equipment.

Summation Technology is a technology company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and provides disc publishing solutions to customers in ministry, medical, law enforcement, defense, financial, and video distribution markets. With the added products from Nexcopy’s line card, Summation will provide introductions of flash memory solutions to these markets.

Summation Technology is very excited about the new technologies Nexcopy brings to the table,” says Mike Jones, President. “There are many parallels between what Nexcopy offers to that of which disc publishers have been doing for years,” continues Jones, “It’s nice to have a very well established and experience partner, such as Nexcopy, to bring flash memory technologies to the disc publishing sector.”

Greg Morros, CEO of Nexcopy, followed up with, “Coming from the disc publishing industry, we have seen the trend shifting away from optical media to flash memory over the past three years. The main reason for such a shift, is the lack of optical drives found in current laptops and desktops.” Morris continues, “The advanced functions for USB memory, which Nexcopy has developed, directly serves the needs of those in defense, medical and law enforcement vertical markets. Summation Technology is a great partner to start knocking on those doors.”

To learn more about Nexcopy USB duplicator products please visit the Nexcopy website or the retail website of Summation Technology with full shopping cart checkout options.

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