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Notice – Update To Lock License Drives

What is Lock License:

Lock License flash drives by Nexcopy are drives where the user can set the write protection after their data load. This puts the USB into a read-only state. When the USB is read-only the files on the drive cannot be changed, manipulated, deleted or formatted off the drive. The write protection features is a hardware solution and set at the controller level of the device.

Lock License refers to a license Nexcopy puts on the drive to be compatible with our utility to lock and unlock the drive.

Nexcopy offers two software solutions to set the write protection to Lock License drives. Nexcopy offers a GUI (Graphical User Interface) utility to set the state of the drive. In addition, a command line tool is also available to set the write protection. The command line tool allows the user to wrap the write protection step into their own workflow process.

In addition, the Lock License technology gives the user the ability to unlock the drive, make updates or changes to the device, and relock the drive to make it read-only.

The user may perform the locking by either the GUI utility or command line utility. The above technology was made available and released in the spring of 2013.

Security Issue:

Nexcopy Lock License drives have been a tremendous success since its release. However, the solution has a security issue in that only one tool, or method, is used for all customers to lock and unlock drives. Said another way; any one user with our utility could unlock a Lock License drive from any other user. With the upcoming release, this security issue is resolved.

The Upgrade:

The upgrade consists of two elements. The first element is a fundamental change in how the technology works. Starting October 1, 2020 all Lock License drives default to a read-only or write protected state. Whenever power is given to the device the drive is read-only. The second element to the October 1st upgrade is a required password to remove the write protection of the drive. First time use of the drive will require the operator to set and enter a password. From that point forward, only the password will remove the write protection for that specific drive. Note: The drive is always read-able and no password is required to read data from the Lock License flash drive. The password is only related to making the drive a writable device.

GUI Screen Shots

Nexcopy Lock License, USB write protection

USB read only, Nexcopy Lock License

Command Line Screen Shot

USB write protection, Nexcopy, Lock License, Command Line

Each Lock License drive in the field since its inception (2013) will have the ability to programmatically upgrade to this more secure solution. The GUI and command line tool have automatic upgrade features to update any previous version of a Lock License drive. This upgrade is required for all Lock License drives as the previous technology, due to security issues, will no longer be available by Nexcopy. GUI and command line tool version 2.0.6 or higher will be required to operate Lock License drives.


The Lock License drives come in a variety of body styles, colors and GB capacities. However; Nexcopy only carries the Oxford swivel style with a black body and white clip as in-stock and ready to ship product. For all other body styles and colors a special order lead time of 7-10 business days will apply. Those styles can be found here.

Our in-stock media is comprised of:

  • USB 2.0 media = 2GB & 4GB
  • USB 3.0 media = 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB

Please keep in mind, logo printing and branding is free with the purchase of your Lock License drives.

The updated Lock License utility will be available on our support page on October 1, 2020.

Use case for Lock License drives:

With the fundamental change to the Lock License drive defaulting to the write protect state, this product becomes the perfect solution for any large organization or government agency who requires secure USB devices. Because the USB is never read/write on its own, this makes it impossible for a virus to jump onto the drive when first connected to any host device or computer. This security feature makes the spread of a virus via a Nexcopy Lock License drive incredibly more difficult.

Lock License drives are suited for small quantity purchases where the data load is done manually at the customer site.

For larger scale production we recommend purchasing the Nexcopy PRO Series duplicators which support write protection. Note: The PRO duplicator and software does NOT require a Lock Licensed drive.

Lock License drives are perfectly designed for those who need read-only media, yet required the drive to be unlocked, updated and relocked out in the field. With the command line utility, this type of solution can be built into the end-user’s product software update. With the fundamental change of our Lock License drives always write protected the update process will never result in a read/write drive.


If your organization owns a PRO Series duplicator and requires write protection only at the time of duplication, a Lock License versioned drive is not required. The PRO Series duplicator will set the write protection to your Nexcopy media via the PRO Drive Manager software. However; if you have a PRO Series duplicator and it is required to unlock/relock the drive remotely, then be sure to request a Lock License drive at time of ordering. This last statement is the only time a PRO Series equipment owner would request a Lock Licensed drive.

Product page for Lock License USB flash drives.

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