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Nexcopy Updates USB Scrub Software – Benchmark USB Flash Drive Speeds, Multi-Purpose Utility


April 18, 2023 – Lake Forest, CA – Nexcopy Inc., a leading equipment manufacturer of USB flash drive duplicators and USB flash memory products introduces a new version of their USB Scrub flash drive utility kit. USB Scrub was introduced in 2016 and has since been a free software utility helping those in Windows operating systems deal with the complexities of USB flash drive management.

This most recent version of USB Scrub provides the user with four important utilities to simplify daily operation and management of USB flash drives.

  1. USB Scrubber removes unwanted Windows registry entries.
  2. USB Disk Imager allows users to create digital copies of their physical device
  3. USB Speed Test will benchmark USB flash drive speeds and provide reliable test numbers
  4. USB Serial Number is an easy and quick method to fetch a device serial number

Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy comments, “We found many free programs to benchmark USB flash drive speeds did not account for specific scenarios and this point alone, is one reason we added some free features to our USB Scrub utility.”

Morris continues, “USB Scrub is a pet project for me because I’ve seen so many users have odd issues when using flash drives with Windows operating systems. I believe providing a free utility for these functions is a ‘pay it forward’ gesture to the larger USB flash drive community and I will continue to think new ways to improve free functions to help the general public.”

USB Scrub features in detail:

USB Scrubber – Microsoft Windows can make up to 200 registry entries each time a new USB flash drive is connected to the operating system, also known as USB enumeration. These registry entries are entered and logged in the effort to make life easier when the same device is connected multiple times. However, this doesn’t mean the registry entries should stay in your system forever; in fact, too many registry entries can significantly slow down an operating system.

With this in mind, the USB Scrub software will remove USB registry entries on a host computer system. The utility lists out the different categories of registry entries, so the user has complete control over which “phantom” entries should be removed.


USB Disk Imager – Create a perfect digital master of a physical device in the form of an image file. The imaging utility will create a .img file extension which can then be mounted on a host operating system, or used with USB duplication software to create multiple copies. The image tool will copy boot code and partition tables of the master device.

make image file from USB flash drive, free software

USB Speed Test – Receive accurate and reliable information about the speed of a USB flash drive with Nexcopy’s benchmark software feature. The USB speed benchmark offers two settings to see overall performance of a device.

The Read/Write Test will benchmark the USB flash drive speed based on the NAND memory of the device and provides a theoretical maximum read and write speed for the device.

The File Test will benchmark the USB flash drive speed based on the device reading and writing files to the NAND memory. This test will fit more closely to a “real world” experience of the device as USB flash drives can be configured to maximize speed or maximize capacity.

benchmark USB flash drive speed, free software

USB Serial Number – With a click of a single button, fetch the device serial number which is written into read only memory (ROM). This feature is valuable for those who use the hardware serial number to authenticate the USB flash drive for some specific function.

get USB flash drive serial number, free software

USB Scrub is free software and works in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Installation is required. USB Scrubber portion of the code will require Admin rights to run properly. Download directly from the Nexcopy website at:

USB Scrub is not intended for commercial use. Distribution of USB Scrub without written consent from Nexcopy Inc., is strictly prohibited.

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