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Nexcopy Introduces USB encryption for Mac and PC Computers

Nexcopy releases USB flash drives with encryption technology that work in both Mac and PC computers.
Nexcopy Inc., a leading provider in USB Copy Protection technology, now offers USB flash drives with encryption capabilities which work flawless in both Mac and PC computers. With companies using cross platform computers, it is important to give users a tool for encrypting files which can be decrypted on either a Mac computer or a Windows computer.
  • – Encrypt files using 256 AES encryption
  • – Decrypt the files on a Mac computer
  • – Decrypt the files on a Windows computer
  • – The USB is also write protected, an industry exclusive
  • – Write protection is set at the controller level
  • – Reset drive through Nexcopy software to repurpose drives
  • – Encryption solution is available for Nexcopy flash drives
“Bitlocker from Microsoft and the depreciated Truecrypt software are not viable solutions for those looking to decrypt files on a Mac computer, a Windows PC computer, or both.” states Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy Inc. “The number of Mac users has increased dramatically over the past five years and many of those users have access to Windows machines. These users need an encryption solution that is easy to run and cross-platform.”
There is a subtle difference between Copy Protection and Encryption and it is important to know the difference. Nexcopy defines copy protection as the ability to view a file, but the file cannot be saved or shared with others. On the other hand, encryption is a password protected solution where a user cannot see any data until a pass code is entered correctly. Nexcopy offers both technologies which compliment any security level a user requires.
Nexcopy encryption is a bit different than typical encrypted flash drives. The traditional method for encrypting a drive is creating a large “container” where files can be added and removed which has an encrypted layer. This gives a user the ability to add and remove files from an encrypted container. Nexcopy’s USB encryption is different in that it focuses on data deployment. Meaning the encrypted content is locked to the drive with an additional layer of write protection.
Nexcopy’s approach means the drive is write protected at the controller level. This eliminates any virus or malware to jump onto the drive. In addition, it allows the content to be locked and controlled at the corporate level. Users of the drive cannot edit, modify or update the encrypted content. This approach makes Nexcopy’s encryption solution ideal for software deployment, data distribution of sensitive information and data archival purposes.
The USB encryption by Nexcopy requires the Copy Secure data load utility to encrypt the content and lock the drive. Nexcopy offers a free utility to encrypt three drives at a time on a host Windows computer. For those who need to encrypt a large quantity of drives, the Nexcopy USB duplicator is available which will data load and encrypt 20 drives at a time.
Morris continues, “Nexcopy is aware that a small volume production run is equally important as a large production run where encryption is required. For this reason, Nexcopy developed a utility application which can encrypt and data load up to three drives at a time and for larger production requirements, the USB200PRO USB duplicator is available. This larger duplication station can produce 20 encrypted USB drives at a time.”
Nexcopy offers the USB encryption in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 technology. The smallest capacity drive is 2GBs and the largest capacity is 64GBs. Larger capacities will follow as the technology develops.
Nexcopy’s complete line of USB encrypted drives, USB copy protect drives, USB printers, USB Duplicators, CF Duplicators, SD Duplicators and microSD Duplicators are available through a world-wide network of authorized resellers.
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