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Nexcopy Closed November 8th In Observance of Election Day

Get out the vote

Nexcopy Inc., a technology company based in Orange County California, will be closed November 8th 2022 in observance of Election Day. Company policy was crafted in 2020 to ensure worker participation in the democratic process would not conflict with employee schedules. To provide flexibility for their workers, Nexcopy elected to close their operation on Election Day to provide employees the freedom to vote at the time which best suits their personal schedule.

Greg Morris, CEO of Nexcopy comments, “We understand each family is busy from day to day and Nexcopy would like to ensure those eligible to vote on Election Day have the freedom to cast their vote without worry of work schedule conflicts. By providing a paid holiday on November 8th, all employees can take part in this great American tradition.”

Morris continues, “Politics are polarizing these days and it is important we reach common ground to govern our communities and move our nation forward. It shows more strength to learn, understand and compromise than to be defiant, stubborn and short sighted. With that in mind, the proactive function Americans have as individuals to shape their future is to vote and support those who best represent them at the local, state and federal levels.”

Nexcopy is publishing this press release to show, and possibly influence, other corporations to take the similar proactive measures to ensure voters have their chance to cast a ballot come this November.

Although Nexcopy will be physically closed on November 8, 2022 for national Election Day, employees have the resources to correspond and communicate with customers if they so choose. The company culture is one that prides itself on a high level of customer service and support while at the same time providing a work / life balance.

Nexcopy Incorporated (2004) is a technology company specializing in the manufacturing of flash memory duplication equipment with extended focus on advanced functions of flash drives. Nexcopy provides alternate solutions for optical media which include USB copy protection, USB write protection, USB CD-ROM emulation and USB authentication technologies.

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