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Nexcopy Adds New Standalone CompactFlash CF Duplicators to Product Line Card

Nexcopy, CF Duplicator, Stand-alonePress Release: Nexcopy Adds New Standalone CompactFlash CF Duplicators to Product Line Card

Lake Forest, CA – December 10, 2013 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces two new standalone Compact Flash CF Duplicator models to Nexcopy’s line of flash memory duplicators and sanitizers. The 1-7 and 1-15 target systems offer unparalleled copy speeds to Compact Flash media with additional functions for device sanitization.
CompactFlash (CF) is a mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices and most commonly used in digital cameras by end-users and most commonly used in embedded micro-computers by system integrators. Data loading content to CF cards in mass quantity can be challenging and time consuming. The Nexcopy CF Duplicator systems perform high speed binary copy functions to CF cards in bulk which solve the problem of loading content to CF cards in bulk. The binary copy process includes bootable information from the CF master out to the CF targets.
The new CF duplicator by Nexcopy Inc. include additional features past the ultra-fast binary copy function. Other features offered:
  • Cyclical Redundancy Check or CRC verification feature
  • Memory write speed testing
  • Memory read speed testing
  • Sanitization feature to erase data from memory
  • Asynchronous duplication for continuous operation
  • Copy mode tolerance settings
  • Sockets house CompactFlash Ejection button
“Pivoting from our award winning USB duplicator systems, Nexcopy is able to modify our socket configuration to accommodate the CompactFlash specification and pin-out design. This configuration change allows our core technology to be flexible with other memory types,” says Greg Morris, Nexcopy Inc. President. “With this type of creative design work, Nexcopy will continue to satisfy our global list of customers and their flash memory duplication needs.”
The sanitization feature available with this new Nexcopy CF duplicator includes full binary overwrite feature in both single pass and triple pass random write sequencing. The proprietary triple pass overwrite method developed by Nexcopy insures all data of a CompactFlash card cannot be recovered or restored through forensic process.
The Nexcopy CF duplicators operate as stand-alone devices where a host computer is not required to perform the bit-by-bit duplication or the binary sanitization processes. The simple one-button operation of these advanced duplicators are ideal for IT departments, fulfillment houses, flash memory manufacturers, system integrators, software developers and government agencies.
There are two stand-alone CF duplicator models:
Part Number: CF107SA – 1-7 target CF duplicator and sanitizer, 110 – 220
Part Number: CF115SA – 1-15 target CF duplicator and sanitizer, 110 – 220
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Availability: For data transfer rates and speed benchmark information please contact Nexcopy Inc. or contact one of its authorized resellers. Nexcopy’s complete line of CF Duplicators, USB Duplicators, SD Duplicators and microSD Duplicators are available through a world-wide network of authorized resellers.

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