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Newly Engineered microSD Card Duplicator – 32GB/minute (overall)

microSD Card Duplicator

The updated mSD160PC is a computer connected microSD (TF Card) Duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a California based technology company. The solution provides user with six copy modes yielding this device the most flexible and feature rich software and hardware product available for bulk data loading to microSD flash memory cards. The company offers this duplicator product through a network of global authorized resellers. Nexcopy is a manufacturer of flash memory products since 2004 with a focus on business to business solutions for data loading equipment and copy protection technologies.

The mSD160PC uses the USB 3.1 specification to connect the duplicator box to the Windows computer system. Based on the underlying technology, the microSD Card Duplicator is able to maximize copy speeds and write data to flash memory cards as quickly as the card will allow. Key features of this redesigned product include:

  • Copy 1GB of data to all sockets Every 30 seconds.
  • Read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards.
  • Drive Manager software provides six copy modes.
  • Software supports any file format (copy mode dependent).
  • User profiles in software to control employee access.

The user and / or system integrators may use the toolbox of copy modes to match their production needs with the Nexcopy duplication system. The six copy modes are:

  • File Copy – Copy the files in a director (folder) to the target devices.
  • Copy Add – Add files to target devices which already have data.
  • Device Copy, Short – Binary copy of used data clusters from a physical master device.
  • Device Copy, Full – Binary copy of all memory clusters from a physical master device.
  • Image File Copy – Binary copy from an image file sitting on the computer hard drive.
  • Unique Data Streaming – Write unique or individual data to each card sitting in the duplicator system, may include static data as an option.

“Our original microSD card duplicator was released for the first time back in 2008, nearly 14 years ago. That version of product uses USB 2.0 technology. The new design uses USB 3.1 technology and provides increased performance for read and write speeds. With this hardware design change, the duplicator system will copy 1GB of data to each card every 30 seconds. The Universal Serial Bus connection means 16 threads of data run through the system yielding a total bandwidth of over 32GBs per minute being moved from the master location to the blank targets,” comments Greg Morris, CEO of Nexcopy.

As with previous models, the mSD160PC microSD Card Duplicator can read CID numbers from Secure Digital media. The CID number is a Card ID number written into read-only memory by the card manufacturer and read back through a combination of a specific hardware chip found only in Nexcopy equipment and related vendor command to fetch the field value. A card ID number is an extra layer of security for encrypted content written to Secure Digital media. Nexcopy displays the CID number of each card with the option to download and export said CID numbers to a .csv file.

Morris concludes, “the value of a CID number for a manufacturer, is the ability to encrypt data on the card and tie a unique decryption key-code to said data. Since the CID number is unique to each card, it serves as the ideal code to decrypt content.”

The mSD160PC is available for immediate purchase and available from Nexcopy directly or global channel of authorized resellers. A one year warranty is free with purchase and Nexcopy does provide lifetime technical support, for the original owner, or any subsequent owner. Data transfer rates depend on environmental conditions such as host computer performance and write speeds of Secure Digital media. Visit the Nexcopy website to view a live video recording of copy speed performance in addition to detailed explanation of data transfer speeds of USB 3.0 technology.

Nexcopy manufacturers several Standalone microSD Card Duplicators as configuration options to the PC connected system mention in this press release.

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