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Global Technologies Group Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

November 10, 2020 Press Release

Press Release: Global Technologies Group Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status


GTGI, Inc. is a woman-owned systems integrator based in Arlington, Virginia that provides workflow solutions, software and services to manage, secure and distribute digital content for federal, medical devices, pharma, law enforcement, defense, financial, and video distribution markets. A critical component to all GTGI customer solutions is the distribution of digital content. Adding the Nexcopy product line will allow forward thinking transitions for those using optical media and looking to migrate to solid state and flash memory solutions.

“GTGI is very excited to introduce Nexcopy solutions to the GTGI customer base,” says Jennifer Cerda, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Operations. “Given our strong relationships with customers, we are keen on addressing the needs they share with us. Particularly about solving challenges related to optical media production and distribution. Having a partner such as Nexcopy will help us support customers as they transition from optical to solid state and flash memory solutions.”

Stan McCrosky, Sales Manager, followed up with, “Coming from the disc publishing industry, we have seen the trend shifting away from optical media to flash memory over the past three years. The main reason for such a shift, is the lack of optical drives found in current laptops and desktops.” McCrosky continues, “The advanced functions for USB memory, which Nexcopy has developed, directly serves the needs of those in defense, medical and law enforcement vertical markets. Global Technologies Group is a great partner to start knocking on those doors.”

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