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Alcor No Longer Developing USB Controllers

Alcor, Nexcopy, USB flash memory

Alcor Micro is a Taiwan based microchip IC design company who’s partnered with Nexcopy since 2010. For years, Alcor lead the USB flash memory mass storage market with their innovative flash memory controllers. This week, Nexcopy received word Alcor is no longer supporting or developing mass storage controllers for the USB flash memory market.

Nexcopy will continue to support Alcor mass storage products to the best of our ability; however, Nexcopy can no longer guarantee support with Alcor product moving forward.

Alcor is best known for providing USB 2.0 flash memory controllers. Although Alcor offered a USB 3.0 controller (AU9103) to date the Nexcopy PRO duplicator has not been able to support our full list of functions in order to gain Nexcopy certification.

For customers who are finding it hard to source Alcor product, please contact Nexcopy for a list of alternate controllers and manufacturers we support for Advanced Function to flash drives, such as controller based partitions, write protection, USB CD-ROM emulation and descriptor field edits such as serial numbers, VID and PID values.

Nexcopy received word from Alcor Micro the USB mass storage device controllers will not longer be developed.

About Alcor Micro:

Established in 1999, Alcor Micro Corporation is a Taiwan based, fabless IC Design Company with an engineering team origin from Santa Clara, heart of Silicon Valley. Alcor specializes in designs, develops, and marketing highly integrated semiconductors as well software solutions for personal computer peripheral and consumer electronics. Innovative technology solutions are the core of what Alcor Micro offers to our customers. With our continuously growing top tier customer list, high volume output & technology requirement, we achieve a high degree of partnership with major semiconductor foundries worldwide.

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