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microSD Duplicator microSD400PC

microSD Duplicator – 40 Port

microSD duplicator

Nexcopy introduces the all new microSD duplicator flash card copier, the microSD400PC. The microSD Duplicator is specifically designed for the microSD form factor and does not require SD adapter cards. With the microSD duplicator being specifically designed for the microSD flash media, production time increase by over 30% because the user is no longer swapping microSD media out of SD card adapters. This system provides the most stable and reliable platform for small media or microSD duplication. The microSD Duplicator is available in 20, 40 and 60 target systems. With user friendly software interface and powerful copy features, you can copy to 40 blank microSD flash memory cards, simply and automatically. No “copy-n-paste.” No adapter card loading. No hassles. The unit is a PC Based microSD Duplicator capable of copying at maximum data transfer speeds.
Why is the microSD400PC a cost benefit to your company?

Consider the following:

Security. It’s the number 1 issue with corporate America. With the microSD Duplicator you control the intellectual property because you’re not sending content out for someone else to load. A priceless asset. Most organizations purchase bulk microSD media then decide what content to load. The option to send out microSD cards for duplication service takes time and costs you money; having an in-house solution gives you control over production. Imagine the possibilities. Since microSD media is a valuable data storage device, having flash memory management equipment allows you to control data distribution via flash memory. From microSD mobile applications to pre-loaded music content, the microSD400PC is an economical and efficient microSD duplicator to aid in your content loading requirements. Inquire about Nexcopy’s unique data streaming technology for the microSD Duplicator, an ideal solution if you require unique content on each microSD card.
*Product specifications can change without notice. *NTFS is supported in bit-for-bit copy mode only.

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