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Tilt Mobility Reports

“Everyone needs to copy their MicroSD card from time to time, but have you ever needed to make 20 copy’s of your Micro or Mini SD Storage Cards? Even though it is not very likely, I thought it was a pretty neat microSD Duplicator device to share with you. Check it out:”…read more from… Continue Reading

Zedomax Reports

“If you are thinking about getting a “secure” USB flash drive to protect your data, consider Nexcopy’s USB Secure USB Flash Drives.  The Secure Flash Drive products have some additional qualities that are VERY unique. For example, the drive can be configured to include a USB CD-ROM partition with an Open partition to read/write OR you may configure the drive to include a USB Read Only partition with open partition, or finally you may configure the drive to be a USB dongle where there entire drive is Read Only”…read more from… Continue Reading

EverythingUSB Reports

“What you need is a flash drive duplicator that will not only duplicate flash drives, but offers USB copy protection as well. The new Nexcopy USB drive duplicator allows the addition of copy protection to the files stored on the drive to prevent unauthorized duplication. This would be perfect for designers looking to be able to give out digital portfolios, but wanting to protect their work from duplication. Both software and PDF documents can be copy protected”…read more from… Continue Reading

NU Reports From the Netherlands

Direct 20 usb-sticks vullen “Wie nog eens foto’s, muziek, een Powerpoint-presentatie of een manuscript met meerdere mensen wil delen, weet dat het kopiëren van die data op een usb-stick nogal wat tijd vergt. Met de Nexcopy USB200PC USB Duplicator is dat verleden tijd. De USB200PC maakt het mogelijk om in één keer tot aan 20 usb-sticks te vullen met de gewenste data. Dit apparaat heeft een retro stijl design, maar daar gaat het niet om. Het gaat om het gemak dat hij oplevert. Naast het feit dat hij 20 usb-sticks in één keer van data kan voorzien, is hij uitermate eenvoudig in gebruik. Er hoeft nu nooit meer gepield te worden met copy paste en de grote verwisseltruc van usb-sticks in en uit de computer”…read more from NexcopyContinue Reading

CrowdSpirit Reports

“The Nexcopy USB duplicator allows you to copy as much as 250MB of data to 20 USB drives in one shot. In under 4 minutes. Now, who can beat that? For companies, this device can save much time and effort, for example, when duplicating official data on USB drives for distribution among employees. Or for a company marketing a new product during a promotional campaign…” read more from… Continue Reading

Methodshop Reports

“Maybe it’s the process of data loading the information onto the drive on why flash drives haven’t become more popular with companies for handing out information. It’s a very viral gadget. The USB duplicator is an obvious choice for making such a life, much easier. The Nexcopy USB duplicator is a 20 target system and the company says a 5 minute mpeg video (about 30MBs)…” read more from… Continue Reading

My Digital Life Reports

“USB music albums are becoming a much bigger hit these days as well, and having a USB duplicator to make your album definitely speeds up the process from a hub and copy-n-paste. I know you can put the following information onto a CD or DVD, but for the groupies, something unique like a flash drive is just ideal. Putting your band video, back story interviews, lyrics etc. onto USB is a new way to give a bands fans something unique…” read more from MyDigitalLifeContinue Reading

EverythingUSB Reports

“The Nexcopy duplicator will also let you add new content without overwriting the old and will also perform version updates, which should help save quite a bit of time if you already have your flash drives ready to go. Speaking of saving time, the USB200PC is quit speedy too…” read more from… Continue Reading

BoingBoing Reports

“The awesomely, Sovietly square Nexcopy USB200PC key duplicator will flash 20 USB sticks at once from a master key. Sounds like a useful tool for samizdata (see, for example, Cuba, where keys were used to spread videos of a suppressed congressional crisis), and it’s going to look great on the scrapheap of history in a decade or so!” read more from BoingBoingContinue Reading

OhGizmo Reports

“Have you ever had a flash drive that you needed duplicated onto another drive or two? I’m sure that it’s happened once or twice, but since most computers have a plethora of ports, it really isn’t an issue to copy the data. However, if you’re working for a company that needs a few dozen or more such drives, that can be a whole different issue…” read more from OhGizmoContinue Reading

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