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Update Copy Secure Drives Remotely

Nexcopy offers USB copy protection to a large number of file types. One of the advantages with the Copy Secure drives from Nexcopy is the fact our solution provides hardware based write protection. This means protected files have an additional layer of security, which is files not being deleted or formatted off the drive.

However, with write protected (read-only) flash drives there is a side affect of not being able to update the drive.

With Copy Secure flash drives there is an on-board and standalone app to access the protected content. For Windows the PCViewer is used and for Apple computers the MacViewer is used to access files. One challenge with copy protection is predicting the future of how an operating system will work. If there is a change in how an operating system works, it could affect how the viewer applications access the protected content.

One example of this is how Apple released the Venture operating system which affected how the MacViewer access the files. More about that here.

In the past, if a change affected our viewer application it was required a new device be made. However, Nexcopy recently created a method to remotely update the viewer applications on the device. This method paves the way for end-users to update their drive if there is an issue accessing the protected content due to a software or operating system change.

Below are the details for how and end-user would update their Copy Secure flash drive:

# Install the Drive Wizard software on a Windows computer
# Launch the software and in the bottom left, click Options
# Select Update Copy Secure
# Click the Upgrade button to begin the process
# The software will perform the update automatically. Do not disconnect the drive until the program gives confirmation the process was complete.

Step One:

Copy Secure, Options

Step Two:

Copy Secure, Update device

Step Three:

Copy Secure update successful

Please keep in mind this post is talking about the update to the viewer applications used to access the copy protected content. It is not possible to add or remove copy protected files from the flash drive. Those files are still secure and unable to be changed, modified or deleted off the drive.

For other frequently asked questions about Copy Secure flash drives, please visit the Nexcopy Copy Secure FAQ page.

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Alcor No Longer Developing USB Controllers

Alcor, Nexcopy, USB flash memory

Alcor Micro is a Taiwan based microchip IC design company who’s partnered with Nexcopy since 2010. For years, Alcor lead the USB flash memory mass storage market with their innovative flash memory controllers. This week, Nexcopy received word Alcor is no longer supporting or developing mass storage controllers for the USB flash memory market.

Nexcopy will continue to support Alcor mass storage products to the best of our ability; however, Nexcopy can no longer guarantee support with Alcor product moving forward.

Alcor is best known for providing USB 2.0 flash memory controllers. Although Alcor offered a USB 3.0 controller (AU9103) to date the Nexcopy PRO duplicator has not been able to support our full list of functions in order to gain Nexcopy certification.

For customers who are finding it hard to source Alcor product, please contact Nexcopy for a list of alternate controllers and manufacturers we support for Advanced Function to flash drives, such as controller based partitions, write protection, USB CD-ROM emulation and descriptor field edits such as serial numbers, VID and PID values.

Nexcopy received word from Alcor Micro the USB mass storage device controllers will not longer be developed.

About Alcor Micro:

Established in 1999, Alcor Micro Corporation is a Taiwan based, fabless IC Design Company with an engineering team origin from Santa Clara, heart of Silicon Valley. Alcor specializes in designs, develops, and marketing highly integrated semiconductors as well software solutions for personal computer peripheral and consumer electronics. Innovative technology solutions are the core of what Alcor Micro offers to our customers. With our continuously growing top tier customer list, high volume output & technology requirement, we achieve a high degree of partnership with major semiconductor foundries worldwide.

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Nexcopy Updates USB Scrub Software – Benchmark USB Flash Drive Speeds, Multi-Purpose Utility


April 18, 2023 – Lake Forest, CA – Nexcopy Inc., a leading equipment manufacturer of USB flash drive duplicators and USB flash memory products introduces a new version of their USB Scrub flash drive utility kit. USB Scrub was introduced in 2016 and has since been a free software utility helping those in Windows operating systems deal with the complexities of USB flash drive management.

This most recent version of USB Scrub provides the user with four important utilities to simplify daily operation and management of USB flash drives.

  1. USB Scrubber removes unwanted Windows registry entries.
  2. USB Disk Imager allows users to create digital copies of their physical device
  3. USB Speed Test will benchmark USB flash drive speeds and provide reliable test numbers
  4. USB Serial Number is an easy and quick method to fetch a device serial number

Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy comments, “We found many free programs to benchmark USB flash drive speeds did not account for specific scenarios and this point alone, is one reason we added some free features to our USB Scrub utility.”

Morris continues, “USB Scrub is a pet project for me because I’ve seen so many users have odd issues when using flash drives with Windows operating systems. I believe providing a free utility for these functions is a ‘pay it forward’ gesture to the larger USB flash drive community and I will continue to think new ways to improve free functions to help the general public.”

USB Scrub features in detail:

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Adobe Reader Conflict with Write Protected USB Flash Drives: Explained


Over the past several months it has been determined Adobe Reader has conflicts with write protected USB flash drives.

The issue is specific: Adobe Reader will not open PDF files from a write protected device.

The issue appeared with Adobe Reader version 2023.001.20060 and higher. Although Adobe Reader will post an error message making one believe the file is corrupt or damaged, this is not the case because any other PDF reader can successfully open the file.

The Adobe Reader bug appears with a variety of USB controllers where the write protection is set; meaning the bug is not specific to one type of controller or one manufacturer.

At this time is is suggested to use an alternate PDF reader to open the PDF files, such as a web browser or another 3rd party application. If Adobe is the default PDF reader for a system an optional method to open the PDF would be right clicking on the file and select “Open With” and choose a program from the provided list. Please see the images below.

Nexcopy reported this finding to Adobe on January 10, 2023 and if any updates appear, or the issue is resolved, Nexcopy will update this article. Nexcopy reported this issue to Adobe because the bug affects PDF documents sitting on write protected USB flash drives created by Nexcopy solutions. This would include Nexcopy’s Lock License technology flash drives and USB media created with the PRO version of Drive Manager software.

Adobe Reader (false) error message for USB write protected flash drive

Alternate programs to open PDF documents

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Resolved: MacViewer Not Working in Ventura Operating System

MacViewer Not Working in Ventura Operating System

MacViewer Not Working in Ventura Operating System

For the past 13 years the Macintosh operating system enumerates USB drives using a specific method. The latest Mac OS version called Ventura ( macOS 13 ) enumerates flash drives using a different method. This new method creates a problem for the secure MacViewer application. MacViewer versions and lower will have conflicts with Ventura and not allow access to the data (but the files are safe from being viewed or opened).

Nexcopy resolved this issue with MacViewer version

The amended MacViewer is included with Drive Wizard 1.0.36 and higher, which is the free data load software obtained from our support page. For those using Nexcopy duplicator equipment, the software version of Drive Manager PRO contains the fix for Ventura.

Please keep in mind Nexcopy cannot predict the future of operating systems produced by Apple or Microsoft and therefore puts Nexcopy in a reactionary situation.

The Copy Secure solution is a write protected USB flash drive and unable to be remotely updated. Please follow the instructions to update a Copy Secure flash drive to resolve the issue mentioned in this post. Instructions can be found here.

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Nexcopy Releases Solution to Write CID Values and Write Protect Secure Digital Media

write cid value

Lake Forest, CA – December 7, 2022 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, improved their award winning Drive Manager software to include advanced functions when writing to Secure Digital media.

Nexcopy includes two additional features when writing to Secure Digital media with Drive Manager software. The first additional allows the user to write specific CID values to the memory cards. The second feature allows the user to write protect the memory card so the device becomes read-only.

The two features are used to increase security of the content on the cards. The CID value is often used as a key code to encrypt content on a memory card. The CID value can only be read back through specific vendor commands and sits in ROM (read only memory) on the card itself. The CID value is a hexadecimal value and each card has its own unique value.

The write protect feature improves security by making the SD card read only. Using this type of configuration eliminates the ability of a virus or malware to spread via the memory card. In addition, write protected SD cards eliminates an end-user from deleting, formatting, updating, changing or manipulating the content on the Secure Digital card.

Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy, comments;

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Nexcopy Offers HIPAA Compliant USB Flash Drive

HIPAA Compliant USB Flash Drive

Lake Forest, CA – October 18, 2022 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, introduces the Secure Disk, a HIPAA compliant USB flash drive which provides an unmatched level of security for personal medical records.

With the Secure Disk flash drive from Nexcopy, medical records are out-of-sight and stored in a secure partition inside the HIPAA compliant flash drive. The medical records (or any records) cannot be accessed unless a User defined password is correctly entered.

This product is a USB hardware solution where the USB controller on the flash drive itself authenticates the password entered before the hidden partition becomes available. This solution is not a software based encryption solution where any USB drive can be used. This is a hardware solution and requires a Nexcopy Secure Disk flash drive.

The HIPAA compliant USB flash drive works in Microsoft Windows (Win 7+). Apple and Linux computers cannot access the hidden partition, but is a feature to be available in the near future.

The hidden partition is automatically enabled once the USB is disconnected from the computer, which means it is impossible for a User to accidently leave the hidden partition open and accessible. Alternative, the User may logout of the Secure Disk while the device is still connected to the host computer.

Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy comments, “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is the process where medical companies who provide patient medical records are required to protect and secure that patient’s information. Nexcopy looked into this vertical market and found one solution at an exorbitantly high price; for this reason Nexcopy took the steps needed to create an affordable flash drive which is HIPAA compliant.”

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Nexcopy Closed November 8th In Observance of Election Day

Get out the vote

Nexcopy Inc., a technology company based in Orange County California, will be closed November 8th 2022 in observance of Election Day. Company policy was crafted in 2020 to ensure worker participation in the democratic process would not conflict with employee schedules. To provide flexibility for their workers, Nexcopy elected to close their operation on Election Day to provide employees the freedom to vote at the time which best suits their personal schedule.

Greg Morris, CEO of Nexcopy comments, “We understand each family is busy from day to day and Nexcopy would like to ensure those eligible to vote on Election Day have the freedom to cast their vote without worry of work schedule conflicts. By providing a paid holiday on November 8th, all employees can take part in this great American tradition.”

Morris continues, “Politics are polarizing these days and it is important we reach common ground to govern our communities and move our nation forward. It shows more strength to learn, understand and compromise than to be defiant, stubborn and short sighted. With that in mind, the proactive function Americans have as individuals to shape their future is to vote and support those who best represent them at the local, state and federal levels.”

Nexcopy is publishing this press release to show, and possibly influence, other corporations to take the similar proactive measures to ensure voters have their chance to cast a ballot come this November.

Although Nexcopy will be physically closed on November 8, 2022 for national Election Day, employees have the resources to correspond and communicate with customers if they so choose. The company culture is one that prides itself on a high level of customer service and support while at the same time providing a work / life balance.

Nexcopy Incorporated (2004) is a technology company specializing in the manufacturing of flash memory duplication equipment with extended focus on advanced functions of flash drives. Nexcopy provides alternate solutions for optical media which include USB copy protection, USB write protection, USB CD-ROM emulation and USB authentication technologies.

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Newly Engineered microSD Card Duplicator – 32GB/minute (overall)

microSD Card Duplicator

The updated mSD160PC is a computer connected microSD (TF Card) Duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a California based technology company. The solution provides user with six copy modes yielding this device the most flexible and feature rich software and hardware product available for bulk data loading to microSD flash memory cards. The company offers this duplicator product through a network of global authorized resellers. Nexcopy is a manufacturer of flash memory products since 2004 with a focus on business to business solutions for data loading equipment and copy protection technologies.

The mSD160PC uses the USB 3.1 specification to connect the duplicator box to the Windows computer system. Based on the underlying technology, the microSD Card Duplicator is able to maximize copy speeds and write data to flash memory cards as quickly as the card will allow. Key features of this redesigned product include:

  • Copy 1GB of data to all sockets Every 30 seconds.
  • Read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards.
  • Drive Manager software provides six copy modes.
  • Software supports any file format (copy mode dependent).
  • User profiles in software to control employee access.

The user and / or system integrators may use the toolbox of copy modes to match their production needs with the Nexcopy duplication system. The six copy modes are:

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Nexcopy announces new ultra-fast SD Card Duplicator

Copy 1GB of data every 30 seconds with the all new 16 target SD Card Duplicator by Nexcopy. Improved copy speeds result in ultra-fast Secure Digital copier outperforming all other systems.

SD Card Duplicator

The all new SD160PC is a computer connected SD Card Duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a California based technology company. The Drive Manager software is written and developed by Nexcopy and provides Users with the most feature rich software to perform the most complex data load projects.

  • Copy 1GB of data to all sockets Every 30 seconds.
  • Read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards.
  • Drive Manager software provides six copy modes.
  • Software supports any file format (copy mode dependent).
  • User profiles in software to control employee access.

As with previous models, the SD160PC SD Card Duplicator can read CID numbers of Secure Digital media. The CID number is a Card ID number written into read-only memory by the card manufacturer and read back through a hardware chip and vendor command on a host system such as the SD160PC. A card ID number is an extra layer of security for encrypted content written to Secure Digital media. Nexcopy displays the CID number of each card with the option to download and export said CID numbers to a .csv file.

Please visit the SD160PC product page to view details about the product including a live speed test (video) displaying the copy speed of SD card duplicator system.

The SD160PC is currently shipping and available for purchase from Nexcopy directly or through our global reseller channel of authorized resellers.

Nexcopy announced the SD Card Duplicator product release through PRLeap Press Service on March 30,2022

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