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Nexcopy Closed November 8th In Observance of Election Day

Get out the vote

Nexcopy Inc., a technology company based in Orange County California, will be closed November 8th 2022 in observance of Election Day. Company policy was crafted in 2020 to ensure worker participation in the democratic process would not conflict with employee schedules. To provide flexibility for their workers, Nexcopy elected to close their operation on Election Day to provide employees the freedom to vote at the time which best suits their personal schedule.

Greg Morris, CEO of Nexcopy comments, “We understand each family is busy from day to day and Nexcopy would like to ensure those eligible to vote on Election Day have the freedom to cast their vote without worry of work schedule conflicts. By providing a paid holiday on November 8th, all employees can take part in this great American tradition.”

Morris continues, “Politics are polarizing these days and it is important we reach common ground to govern our communities and move our nation forward. It shows more strength to learn, understand and compromise than to be defiant, stubborn and short sighted. With that in mind, the proactive function Americans have as individuals to shape their future is to vote and support those who best represent them at the local, state and federal levels.”

Nexcopy is publishing this press release to show, and possibly influence, other corporations to take the similar proactive measures to ensure voters have their chance to cast a ballot come this November.

Although Nexcopy will be physically closed on November 8, 2022 for national Election Day, employees have the resources to correspond and communicate with customers if they so choose. The company culture is one that prides itself on a high level of customer service and support while at the same time providing a work / life balance.

Nexcopy Incorporated (2004) is a technology company specializing in the manufacturing of flash memory duplication equipment with extended focus on advanced functions of flash drives. Nexcopy provides alternate solutions for optical media which include USB copy protection, USB write protection, USB CD-ROM emulation and USB authentication technologies.

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Newly Engineered microSD Card Duplicator – 32GB/minute (overall)

microSD Card Duplicator

The updated mSD160PC is a computer connected microSD (TF Card) Duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a California based technology company. The solution provides user with six copy modes yielding this device the most flexible and feature rich software and hardware product available for bulk data loading to microSD flash memory cards. The company offers this duplicator product through a network of global authorized resellers. Nexcopy is a manufacturer of flash memory products since 2004 with a focus on business to business solutions for data loading equipment and copy protection technologies.

The mSD160PC uses the USB 3.1 specification to connect the duplicator box to the Windows computer system. Based on the underlying technology, the microSD Card Duplicator is able to maximize copy speeds and write data to flash memory cards as quickly as the card will allow. Key features of this redesigned product include:

  • Copy 1GB of data to all sockets Every 30 seconds.
  • Read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards.
  • Drive Manager software provides six copy modes.
  • Software supports any file format (copy mode dependent).
  • User profiles in software to control employee access.

The user and / or system integrators may use the toolbox of copy modes to match their production needs with the Nexcopy duplication system. The six copy modes are:

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Nexcopy announces new ultra-fast SD Card Duplicator

Copy 1GB of data every 30 seconds with the all new 16 target SD Card Duplicator by Nexcopy. Improved copy speeds result in ultra-fast Secure Digital copier outperforming all other systems.

SD Card Duplicator

The all new SD160PC is a computer connected SD Card Duplicator manufactured by Nexcopy Inc., a California based technology company. The Drive Manager software is written and developed by Nexcopy and provides Users with the most feature rich software to perform the most complex data load projects.

  • Copy 1GB of data to all sockets Every 30 seconds.
  • Read CID numbers from Secure Digital cards.
  • Drive Manager software provides six copy modes.
  • Software supports any file format (copy mode dependent).
  • User profiles in software to control employee access.

As with previous models, the SD160PC SD Card Duplicator can read CID numbers of Secure Digital media. The CID number is a Card ID number written into read-only memory by the card manufacturer and read back through a hardware chip and vendor command on a host system such as the SD160PC. A card ID number is an extra layer of security for encrypted content written to Secure Digital media. Nexcopy displays the CID number of each card with the option to download and export said CID numbers to a .csv file.

Please visit the SD160PC product page to view details about the product including a live speed test (video) displaying the copy speed of SD card duplicator system.

The SD160PC is currently shipping and available for purchase from Nexcopy directly or through our global reseller channel of authorized resellers.

Nexcopy announced the SD Card Duplicator product release through PRLeap Press Service on March 30,2022

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Flash Drive Duplicator Buyers Guide – 2022

flash drive duplicator buyer's guide 2022

How to Choose the Right USB Flash Drive Duplicator

The optical drive is disappearing in laptops and computers and as a result, the USB flash drive, or thumb drive, is the ideal tool for sharing data in the year 2022. The USB flash drive is a small, easily transportable device which holds vast amount of data storage capacity. Flash drives are universal devices used in Windows computers, Apple computers, Linux computers, Smart TVs, car stereos and any other device which has a USB port. The universal acceptance of the USB flash drive in conjunction with the optical drive disappearing explains their continued popularity.

Considering the lack of optical drives found in new computers the USB is replacing the CD-R for duplication needs. In fact, some companies require the use of many flash drives but with different information on each thumb drive, also known as data publishing. There are duplicators for each type of situation and this USB flash drive duplicator guide will help determine which type of USB copier is best for your needs.

Coping USB sticks manually one at a time will is a time consuming and expensive process. Using a USB flash drive duplicator (also called a USB copier) increases efficiency and decreases costs.

Two Categories of USB Flash Drive Duplicators

  • PC Based USB Duplicators
  • Standalone USB Duplicators

PC based or computer connected USB duplicators

Using the processing power of a computer, the PC based USB duplicators are the next step over making one-off copies manually. The PC based duplicators are typically a bit less expensive than standalone systems because part of the expense of building a standalone USB duplicator (the processor) is already included with the host PC.

Computer based systems provide more control over USB duplication because the GUI software (Graphical User Interface) provide alternative ways to access the source data. For example, copying data from a sourcing folder on the host computer, from a physical flash drive connected to the computer, or from a digital master from the computer hard drive.

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Free Utility to Easily Eject USB Flash Drives from Windows

eject USB flash drive from command line

Lake Forest, CA – December 31, 2021 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, releases a free utility to easily eject USB flash drives from Windows with a single click, or eject USB flash drives from the command line from within Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft is a leading partner with the USB Implementers Forum, the regulator agency which oversees the USB specification. The USB-IF spends a great deal of time promoting the technology as the preferred technology for plug-and-play connectivity of storage devices and interface devices (keyboards, printers, etc).

USB is the number one method users connect storage devices to the Windows operating system; however, Microsoft does not provide a quick and easy method to disconnect these storage devices from Windows.

Nexcopy Incorporated, a world leader in USB flash drive duplicator systems and other memory storage systems released a free utility to quickly eject USB flash drives from any Windows operating system.

The free tool does not require installation, does not require Admin rights to run, and is free to use and re-distribute to an unlimited number of computers. The free utility is called USB Eject Button.

The USB Eject Button may also be used to eject USB flash drives from the command line from within Windows.

“Microsoft provides a software tool called DiskPart to deal with and control storage devices,” comments Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy, “however, the DiskPart tool is not user friendly and too advanced for the common computer user. Nexcopy wanted to solve this simple, yet common problem of quickly and easily ejecting USB flash drives from Windows – we accomplished our goal with the free USB Eject Button application.”

Morris continues, “Since 2021 was a difficult year for so many, we decided to do something nice in our own special way, and create this utility and provide it for free to the USB flash drive market. Nexcopy created the USB Eject Button in mid December and wanted to release it for the new year. I guess this is our way of bringing some good-will to the public.”

The USB Eject Button is available via the download link below.

In summary the USB Eject Button exe file does the following:

  • Single click eject USB flash drive from Windows
  • Eject multiple USB flash drives from Windows via repeating step
  • Ejects last USB drive connected
  • Eject USB flash drives using the command line
  • Installation of exe not required (is a portable app)
  • Administrator rights not required
  • USB Eject Button is free and will always be free
  • USB Eject Button is available for distribution or bundling with other software

Product Information:

  • Free
  • Compatible with any Windows version
  • 32bit and 64bit compatible
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Create USB CD-ROM Flash Drives with Nexcopy Disc License Drives

Lake Forest, CA – July 19, 2021 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, introduces Disc License CD-ROM flash drives.

Disc License flash drives provide a migration path for those who depend on optical media such as CD and DVD but can no longer offer the product because optical drives are nearly gone in standard laptop and desktop computers.

The Disc License product is a USB flash drive which appears as a CD-ROM device when connected to a host computer. This is a hardware solution which emulates a CD-ROM and is read-only (write protected) meaning data on the drive cannot be changed, manipulated, deleted or formatted off the drive. This is the best method to create a USB CD-ROM flash drive.

“Think of a Disc License drive as a blank CD or DVD,” states Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “The blank CD-ROM will have the capacity of whatever the Gigabyte capacity the customer orders. Simply point our software to any ISO file and the data will be written with the resultant drive being that of a CD-ROM.”

Morris continues, “What is so elegant about this solution is being able to re-write an ISO file to the device at any time. In an abstract sense, you could say this is a CD-RW solution, but in the shape of a USB flash drive.”

With the optical drive quickly going away, users are seeking alternate solutions to provide data as a CD-ROM device. There are many advantages to CD-ROM discs which have served the technology sector for many years. The auto-run function of CD-ROM is key to many software suppliers who depend on a quick and simple installation process. The CD is a read-only device by definition so the added benefit of a virus or malware not jumping onto the flash drive is an inherent benefit.

The Nexcopy Disc License CD-ROM USB flash drive has the following features:

  • Default state of drive is read-only, a.k.a write protected
  • Use any ISO file to create a CD-ROM USB flash drive
  • Includes bootable ISO files
  • Device appears as a CD-ROM drive in any device
  • Free data-load software to produce CD-ROMs
  • Re-write a new ISO file to the drive at any time
  • This is a hardware solution so cannot be hacked or manipulated
  • Available in USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology and ranging from 2GB through 128GB capacities

Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments,

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Global Technologies Group Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

November 10, 2020 Press Release

Press Release: Global Technologies Group Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

GTGI, Inc. is a woman-owned systems integrator based in Arlington, Virginia that provides workflow solutions, software and services to manage, secure and distribute digital content for federal, medical devices, pharma, law enforcement, defense, financial, and video distribution markets. A critical component to all GTGI customer solutions is the distribution of digital content. Adding the Nexcopy product line will allow forward thinking transitions for those using optical media and looking to migrate to solid state and flash memory solutions.

“GTGI is very excited to introduce Nexcopy solutions to the GTGI customer base,” says Jennifer Cerda, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Operations. “Given our strong relationships with customers, we are keen on addressing the needs they share with us. Particularly about solving challenges related to optical media production and distribution. Having a partner such as Nexcopy will help us support customers as they transition from optical to solid state and flash memory solutions.”

Stan McCrosky, Sales Manager, followed up with, “Coming from the disc publishing industry, we have seen the trend shifting away from optical media to flash memory over the past three years. The main reason for such a shift, is the lack of optical drives found in current laptops and desktops.” McCrosky continues, “The advanced functions for USB memory, which Nexcopy has developed, directly serves the needs of those in defense, medical and law enforcement vertical markets. Global Technologies Group is a great partner to start knocking on those doors.”

For more details please contact:

Global Technologies Group
222 N. Oakland Street
Arlington, VA 22203

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Nexcopy Introduces Lock License USB Flash Drives

Lake Forest, CA – October 19, 2020 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces the USB write protect Lock License flash drive.

Nexcopy turns the market on it’s head with the Lock License flash drive. A flash drive which is by default a read-only or write protected device. The device will accept a user password to unlock the drive through Nexcopy’s Lock License utility software. This new approach gives the power back to the user for when a USB is a writable device.

“The fundamental change towards how our flash drive works should draw attention for those looking for read-only USB flash drives” says Greg Morris, CEO of Nexcopy Inc. “What is unique about the Lock License approach is whenever power is cut to the device, for example disconnection, the USB is automatically write protected. This is the strongest first line defense against malicious software or virus jumping onto a flash drive without the user knowing. It is impossible to infect a USB drive if the device is write protected.”

Lock License flash drives require a password upon first use. This password is used to unlock the write protection and make the USB a read/write device. This feature provides a personalized solution for each business which uses the Lock License technology. There is no need to set the write protection after being unlocked because simply cutting power to the device will put the USB into its default state: a read-only device.

The Nexcopy Lock License USB flash drive has the following features:

  • Default state of drive is read-only, a.k.a write protected
  • User assigned password to remove write protection
  • No password is required to read from the drive, acts as normal WORM device
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) to set password and remove write protection
  • Command line utility for custom integration to remove write protection
  • No back door password or feature from Nexcopy to unlock the drive
  • Available in USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology and ranging from 2GB through 128GB capacities

Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments, “System Control manufacturers for waterworks, electrical utility and petroleum companies need a solution like this. The ability to load software or firmware to a hardware based USB read-only device gives system control companies an incredible amount of security for in-field deployment via USB. More importantly, the command line utility gives the manufacturers a secure way to unlock the drive and update the content remotely without the worry of the drive remaining read/write. It’s simply impossible for the drive to remain writable.” McCrosky concludes.

The Lock License USB flash drive is simple to implement. Steps include:

  • Connect USB to a Windows computer
  • Open either GUI or command line utility to remove write protection
  • Assign a password to be used when removing the write protection
  • Data load the drive as needed
  • Eject drive from computer once copy process is complete
  • At this point the USB is write protected at the hardware controller level
  • The Lock License drive can be read (used) by any device on any platform
  • Password not required to read data from the drive
  • Password is only used when removing write protection to make the USB read/write

Nexcopy Lock License media is available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 technology and range it capacity from 2GB through 128GB. Nexcopy offers six body styles for the Lock License media with a wide range of body colors available for each stye, all available for custom branding. The six body styles include Oxford; a capless swivel style drive. Newport; a classic rectangular shape with cap. Lexington; a classic rectangular style with rounded edges and cap. Augusta; a shorter style drive with large lanyard loop. Huntington and Geneva which uses an aluminum body for more durability and also better suited for laser etch branding.

The Oxford style swivel drive is the in stock media Nexcopy carries for same day printing and shipping. Nexcopy inventories USB 2.0 media of 2GB and 4GB capacity and in stock USB 3.0 media of 8GB, 16GB, 32Gb, 64GB and 128GB capacities. The in stock Oxford media is a black body with white swivel clip with full color printing via the Nexcopy Logo-EZ USB flash drive printer.

The Lock License utility is available for download off the Nexcopy support page. The utility requires a Nexcopy licensed USB flash drive. The Lock License USB write protection is not a universal solution for any thumb drive, a Nexcopy drive is required in order to take advantage of the increased security the technology offers.

Product Information:

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Notice – Update To Lock License Drives

What is Lock License:

Lock License flash drives by Nexcopy are drives where the user can set the write protection after their data load. This puts the USB into a read-only state. When the USB is read-only the files on the drive cannot be changed, manipulated, deleted or formatted off the drive. The write protection features is a hardware solution and set at the controller level of the device.

Lock License refers to a license Nexcopy puts on the drive to be compatible with our utility to lock and unlock the drive.

Nexcopy offers two software solutions to set the write protection to Lock License drives. Nexcopy offers a GUI (Graphical User Interface) utility to set the state of the drive. In addition, a command line tool is also available to set the write protection. The command line tool allows the user to wrap the write protection step into their own workflow process.

In addition, the Lock License technology gives the user the ability to unlock the drive, make updates or changes to the device, and relock the drive to make it read-only.

The user may perform the locking by either the GUI utility or command line utility. The above technology was made available and released in the spring of 2013.

Security Issue:

Nexcopy Lock License drives have been a tremendous success since its release. However, the solution has a security issue in that only one tool, or method, is used for all customers to lock and unlock drives. Said another way; any one user with our utility could unlock a Lock License drive from any other user. With the upcoming release, this security issue is resolved.

The Upgrade:

The upgrade consists of two elements. The first element is a fundamental change in how the technology works. Starting October 1, 2020 all Lock License drives default to a read-only or write protected state. Whenever power is given to the device the drive is read-only. The second element to the October 1st upgrade is a required password to remove the write protection of the drive. First time use of the drive will require the operator to set and enter a password. From that point forward, only the password will remove the write protection for that specific drive. Note: The drive is always read-able and no password is required to read data from the Lock License flash drive. The password is only related to making the drive a writable device.

GUI Screen Shots

Nexcopy Lock License, USB write protection

USB read only, Nexcopy Lock License

Command Line Screen Shot

USB write protection, Nexcopy, Lock License, Command Line

Each Lock License drive in the field since its inception (2013) will have the ability to programmatically upgrade to this more secure solution. The GUI and command line tool have automatic upgrade features to update any previous version of a Lock License drive. This upgrade is required for all Lock License drives as the previous technology, due to security issues, will no longer be available by Nexcopy. GUI and command line tool version 2.0.6 or higher will be required to operate Lock License drives.

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Nexcopy Offers Mini Size USB Duplicator

Lake Forest, CA – November 20, 2019 – Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces the USB104SA, a 4 target standalone USB Duplicator specifically design to be light weight and portable.

“With the lack of optical drives in computers and laptop, the USB stick continues to grow in popularity,” reports Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “What we have seen is a demand for both small configuration systems for those transitioning from optical media to USB media and large production systems which we’ve serviced for years. The USB104SA is a great stepping stone for those coming from the optical duplication industry.”


The USB104SA USB Duplicator has a list of features which pivot from the larger, award winning, Nexcopy standalone duplicators. Features include:

  • Asynchronous copy mode, all the time
  • Binary copier will copy any format; FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
  • Binary CRC verification algorithm
  • Quick Erase and Ful Erase for disk sanitization
  • Four language modes in LCD menu
  • USB speed benchmark utility
  • Firmware upgradeable

Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments, “What we have seen, are small organizations and business requesting something low cost and low volume for data duplication. Our main focus is still business-to-business, but the growing demand for low volume duplication equipment justified the development of a product like the USB104SA.”

The USB104SA is a portable solution and ideal for trade shows or spoken word events. The unit weighs less than one pound and with a foot print of about six inches by one inch tall. The unit can easily fit into your computer bag, which is ideal for carry-on luggage at the airport.

The USB duplicator is powered by a microUSB cable which can be connected to your computer laptop USB port. A USB block is also provided for powering from an outlet.

“What I like about this unit is the feature rich firmware. We did not compromise on the firmware settings and offer less. We offer the same functionality as our larger standalone USB duplicator models.” Morris continues,

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