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USB Duplicators

USB Duplicators manufactured by Nexcopy

Nexcopy’s line of USB Duplicators are manufactured to be feature rich and durable for industrial and heavy use applications. Our extensive line of USB duplicators include models for USB write protection, USB partition and USB serial number control. Nexcopy manufactures models ranging from 16 target to 60 target systems and support both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 technology.

USB200PRO – Partition USB Duplicator

  • USB DuplicatorCreate USB Partitions on Certified Flash Drives
  • Set USB Read Only Partitions
  • Easily Create USB CD-ROM Partitions
  • Write Protect USB Partitions or Entire Device
  • Control USB Serial Numbers, VID & PID Information
  • Reset USB Device and Remove USB Partitions

SuperSpeed USB Duplicator

SuperSpeed USB – SSUSB160PC

  • Copy 16 USB Flash Drives at USB 3.0 Super Speeds
  • Copy From Master IMG file
  • Unique Data Streaming to Each USB Target
  • Low Level Binary Copy From Master Device
  • Bit-for-Bit Verification Feature
  • Supports any File System Type

USB Duplicator

USB Duplicator – USB200PC

  • Copy 20 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
  • Robust Software With Job Wizard
  • Data Collection off USB Stick – Ideal for Education
  • Low Level Binary Copy From Master Device
  • Bit-for-Bit Verification Feature
  • Plus all the features listed below!

USB DuplicatorUSB Duplicator – USB400PC

  • Copy 40 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
  • Toggle On/Off Read Only Partitions
  • Copy Any Size Drives, From Any Manufacturer
  • Use as 20 or 40 Port System. Upgrade to 60.
  • Bit-for-bit Verification
  • Mix and Match USB and SD Systems

USB DuplicatorUSB Duplicator – USB600PC

  • Copy 60 USB Flash Drives Quickly & Automatically
  • Unique Data Streaming to Individual Flash Drives
  • Data Collection to Extract Content off Drives
  • Copy Bit-for-Bit From Master Device
  • Run Job Wizard for Multiple Tasks
  • Detailed Job Logs for Audit Trails and Tracking

USB flash drives are becoming a main stream medium for interchange, storage and data distribution. With the universal acceptance of USB technology and the continued price drops in flash memory, the USB200PC USB Duplicator makes pen drive or thumb drive a viable option for data distribution and content management for field applications. The USB200PC simplifies USB Data Loading to flash drives to a quick and simple process…opening a whole new world for how USB flash drives are used.

For more information read all about the USB200PC USB Duplicators.