Nexcopy Incorporated manufactures a global brand of flash memory duplicator solutions. Our cutting-edge technology in USB duplicator systems lead the way for those who require simple or complex USB data loading. The unique line of SD duplicator, microSD duplicator and CF duplicator systems provide flexible and expandable solutions for those needing data-load and/or data-management equipment.

Innovation through focus is the core of Nexcopy's success. Our high quality products with professionally designed style speaks to our commitment on both form and function. Make data loading a simple process - Nexcopy Inc.

PRO Series

» Create USB Partitions
» Set USB Read Only Partitions
» Easily Create USB CD-ROM Partitions
» Write Protect USB Partitions or Entire Device
» Control USB Serial Numbers
» Set VID & PID Device Information
» Reset USB Device and Remove USB Partitions
» Multiple Controller Types Supported

Standalone Series

» Standalone USB Duplicator - No PC Needed
» 15 Target and 31 Target Configurations
» Performance Driven. Faster Than USB 3.0!
» Continuous Asynchronous Duplication
» One Button Operation
» Quick Functions: Copy, Copy & Compare, Format
» USB Benchmarking & NAND integrity checking
» Supports all formats, FAT, FAT32, ext2, ext3, HFS


» Read / Export CID information quickly and easily
» Copy 20-60 microSD Cards Quickly & Automatically
» User Friendly Software with Job Wizard
» Copy Bit-for-Bit From Master Device
» No microSD Adapters needed
» Copy from IMG file
» System instantly recognizes microSD cards
» Bit-for-bit Verification Option
» Unique Data Streaming to Each Device


» Copy 15-45 CF Cards Quickly & Automatically
» Create & Copy Master IMG Files
» User Friendly Software with Job Wizard
» Format RAW CF Media
» Copy from IMG file
» System instantly recognizes CF Media
» Bit-for-bit Verification Option
» Unique Data Streaming to Each Device

USB Duplicator – Manufacturer

Manufacturer of USB Duplicator, SD Duplicator, microSD Duplicator and CF Duplicator systems.

USB Copy Protection

USB copy protection
» Copy Protect Your Content on USB Drives
» Apply Time Limits to Content Usage
» Restrict Printing, Copy & Paste
» Put Content in Write Protected Partitions
» Create Your Own USB Token or USB Dongle

SD Duplicator Solutions

SD Duplicator

» Read / Export CID information quickly and easily
» Copy 20, 40 or 60 SD cards quickly & easily
» Robust Software With Job Wizard
» Copy from master IMG file
» Low Level Binary Copy From Master Device
» Bit-for-Bit Verification Feature
» Plus many more features!

Nexcopy is proud to introduce it’s PC Based USB Duplicator, the USB200PC.

USB flash drives are becoming a main stream medium for interchange, storage and data distribution. With the universal acceptance of USB technology and the continued price drops in flash memory, the USB200PC USB Duplicator makes pen drive or thumb drive a viable option for data distribution and content management for field applications. The USB200PC simplifies USB Data Loading to flash drives to a quick and simple process…opening a whole new world for how USB flash drives are used.

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